Introducing the Beer Branding Trends podcast from CODO Design

CODO Design just announced the launch of the Beer Branding Trends Podcast, and we’d like to personally invite you to listen to its first episode — When a Brewery Should (& Should Not) Rebrand — on Apple or Spotify. Preview above.

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Here’s a quick run down on the format and what you can expect from the show: All killer, no filler ~30 minute conversations between CODO Co-founders, Cody Fague and Isaac Arthur, on the art and science of building compelling brewery and bev/alc brands.

We’ll cover current topics and provide actionable advice that you can apply to your brewery’s branding and marketing today to build a stronger brand and sell more beer.

Recurring themes will include brand strategy, positioning, messaging, behavioral economics, portfolio management, creative process management (including our best practices from 12+ years of running a branding firm), brand architecture and the occasional dad joke.

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