It may soon be 2022, but ’90s and Y2K fashion is back, local retailers say

Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia definitely got the memo for spring/summer 2022 that skin is with her tiny minis and revealing cutouts along with the all-important color blasts. Credit: alice & olivia

Brace your cozy self. After two years of comfy, covered-up clothes, a slew of Long Island retailers and designers assert that spring/summer 2022 is all about the big reveal. According to many, women are ready to peel off those easy, homebound layers and finally flaunt it.

Much of what is newest is, well, a riff on the old — late 1990s/Y2K style. Think micro-minis, torso baring crop tops and bralettes, slashes, cutouts and peepholes everywhere, the return of the low-rise jean (OMG), wild prints and an eye-popping, vibrant color palette. A LOOK TO 2022

"The buzzword for next season is ‘sexy.’ It’s back," declares Afshin Haghani, the owner of Gallery Couture in Manhasset. "We have been cooped up in our homes for what seems like forever and the fashion Gods are saying ‘let it out.’ " He adds that Y2K styles and back-in-the-day muses such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are strong influences. Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia definitely got the memo for spring/summer 2022 that skin is with her tiny minis. Credit: alice & olivia "Skin is definitely in and I think we’re doing a late-’90s flashback," says Jenny Montiglio, owner of Ooh La La Boutiques, in Babylon, Long Beach and Sayville. "For the past couple of years, everything has been lounge, lounge, lounge. What we’re seeing now is the total opposite of that. There’s more of a demand for attention and some of our customers are excited to undress."

For her part, Joanna Mazzella, owner of Mint boutiques in Mattituck, Southampton, Stony Brook and West Hampton Beach likens next season’s fashion to "a renaissance. It’s all so much sexier. We’ve had two or three years of living on our couches in our cozies, undercover. People want to channel a new excitement and energy that says, ‘let’s get past this.’ "

Likewise, at Penelope in Woodbury, where owner Gabrielle Banschick believes that "everybody wants to show off what they’ve been hiding for the past two years. They’ve been in a cocoon and now they’re turning into butterflies. In fact, we even have a butterfly print blouse to prove the point." MAKING THE TREND WORK FOR YOU

For those among us who may not relish (read: fear) wearing an ab-baring crop top, a thigh-high mini, or a low-rise jean and the resulting return of the muffin top, Adam Glassman, the creative director of Oprah Daily and special correspondent Extra TV offers a calming voice. Sign up for the Holiday Happenings newsletter! Get the scoop on local holiday events and shows as well as tips on what to buy your loved ones during the season of giving. By clicking Sign up, you agree to our privacy policy . "My advice is to ignore extreme trends if you’re not comfortable with them." To update, he says, […]

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