It’s not too late to snag 2021’s best under-$20 stocking stuffers at Amazon — especially for Prime members

We may receive commission from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. Stocking stuff! All the tried-and-true, trendy and terrifically tacky gifts your loved ones could hope for — and all under 20 bucks (Photo: Amazon) All of us try to be thoughtful, even inspired about our gift giving (well, almost all of us — we’ve all got that one friend or relative who phones it in year after year). But it’s a tricky proposition: No one wants to shell out a hundred bucks on a present that’s delightfully off-the-beaten-track but winds up eliciting nothing but befuddlement, eye-rolling, even disappointment.

Ah, but that’s the beauty of stocking stuffers. They’re our opportunity to be creative about our gifting. Creative as in: snarky, insinuating, goofy, even maddeningly vague, but also in coming up with simple, useful items that your gift-giving competition (and make no mistake; it i s a competition) have overlooked.

As we race to the Christmas shopping finish line, Amazon’s the place to round out your shopping list with the nice, naughty, nuts and just plain necessary. Here’s a grab-bag of, well, stuff that’ll make you a hit when it comes time to pull those stockings down off the mantel and impress, nearly all of which can be in your hands in time for the big day. Never thought of leggings as a stocking stuffer? Think again! (Photo: Amazon) You’ve probably noticed that we go on quite a bit about this particular product. Well, that’s because Satina leggings sit right in that sweet spot of durability, variety, stylishness and economy. Their peachskin fabric will flatter your lucky gift recipient in all the right places; they’re available in full-length and capri varieties, with or without pockets and over 40 different colors. And oh yeah: Right now they’re on sale for $14. A no-brainer.

Shop it: Satina High-Waisted Leggings, $14 (was $20), What is it? Why is it? The answer to both questions: the miracle cleaner that’ll tackle the spills and stains that bedevil us all. (Photo: Amazon) First of all, this will spark a great family-time conversation when someone pulls this out of their stocking and says, "What the #@&%* is ‘The Pink Stuff?’" Here’s what: This miracle paste has been around since 1938 and it’ll make quick work of just about any dang surface mess you’re likely to confront — walls, countertops, bathroom tile, outdoor furniture. If it’s gotten all schmutzy, this no-nonsense, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaner will will make it nice again.

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