Lenovo’s rumored 17-inch ThinkBook Plus has a second screen for drawing

Next to Lenovo ThinkBook Plus It might be more practical, at least if you’re an up-and-coming artist.Famous leak provider Evan Blass share What he said is an image of a 17-inch ThinkBook Plus model. However, unlike today’s 13.3-inch systems, you don’t have to turn the machine over to use the e-paper display on the back. Instead, there’s a pen-enabled color display next to the keyboard that you can use to draw and take handwritten notes.

Blass didn’t share any other details, but the 17-inch ThinkBook Plus had a very wide main display and seemed to fit on a full keyboard along with a large trackpad. For vague comparisons, we hope that a reasonably fast internal structure will help drive the second display. ASUS ZenBook Duo ..

It’s unclear when this oversized ThinkBook Plus will ship. Lenovo has booked some of its biggest laptop referrals for CES in January, but that doesn’t prevent it from last-minute launch during the holiday season. In any case, this image suggests that Lenovo hasn’t given up on the Plus concept. If anything, they are looking for new concepts that appeal to creatives and others who have shunned the past.

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