Linux 5.15 has arrived-and this is what’s inside

Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, has announced Linux 5.15, a kernel version that includes: Paragon driver for Microsoft’s New Technology File System (NTFS) ..

NTFS support in the kernel allows Linux users to connect an external NTFS drive or boot a Windows PC into Linux for troubleshooting.

Linux 5.15 also supports the introduction of -Werror. This is a move approved by Torvalds to force developers to fix bugs early. This was intended to be the new default behavior for kernel builds that treat all compiler and configuration “warnings” as “errors” that need to be fixed. -But the error faces opposition from kernel developers, Torvalds led to partial backtracking of efforts ..

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Despite these minor early dramas, Torvalds felt that Linux 5.15 was enough to continue without another release candidate (RC) after RC4 of 5.15 was released in early October. rice field.

“I’m calm and I have no excuse to add rc, so I’ll push v5.15 and start the merge window from tomorrow,” Torvalds wrote. Regular Sunday update to the Linux kernel developer mailing list ..

“This release may have started with some -Werror pain, but settled pretty quickly, and overall 5.15 was pretty small and calm. This time, even without Werror issues, the next Expect more of the same in the merge window. “”

He said that the last week of 5.15 development was mainly network and graphics processing unit (GPU) fixes, and file system, KVM hypervisor updates, and “some architecture fixes, some traces,” Fixing a small driver, etc. “

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Linux 5.15 is an LTS or “long-term maintenance” release. Expected Lifespan (EOL) for October 2023 .. However, if widely adopted, it may be supported for a longer period of time.

Linux 5.10 prior to 5.15 was released in December 2020 and is scheduled for EOL in December 2026, while Linux 5.14 in November 2019 will reach EOL around December 2025. Linux 5.15 has arrived-and this is what’s inside

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