Microsoft wins Amazon in cloud battle

Just as Amazon filed a complaint after Microsoft was awarded the Pentagon’s $ 10 billion. Jedi In the deal, Microsoft had a problem with the National Security Agency (NSA) and awarded Amazon another $ 10 billion worth of US government deal.

secret Cloud computing Contract, codename WildandStormy Was awarded to Amazon in August, but had few contract details as it was part of NSA’s efforts to move sensitive data repositories to the cloud. In fact, some details we know about the deal are that one of the other bidders, Microsoft, has filed a bid protest with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) after losing a favorable deal with Amazon. It became clear only after submission. The Pentagon’s JEDI contract cancel Back in July of this year, history seems to be set to repeat in NSA’s Wild and Stormy deal. Microsoft siding

The US Government and Accountability Department have made a decision in response to Microsoft’s protest. Government agencies say it’s correct for software giants to challenge the award, as some of the NSA’s assessments were “irrational.” so New statement Regarding this project, GAO said, “We will determine that certain aspects of the agency’s assessment are unreasonable, and in light of that, the NSA will reassess the proposals that are consistent with the decision and decide on the choice of new sources. Was recommended. “ GAO’s complete decision on this issue is actually categorized because it contains Microsoft’s protest record. Confidential information , Watchdog will release a public version at a later date. Can Amazon maintain a favorable Wild and Stormy deal, or will Microsoft’s complaint cause NSA to reassess both companies’ proposals? Only the time is known, but after all the dramas surrounding the JEDI contract, the US government probably wants to prevent a similar situation from happening. again, Best cloud hosting When Best dedicated server hosting service via Register Microsoft wins Amazon in cloud battle

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