Molly Sims on being a ‘very involved parent’ and dealing with ‘bored’ mom shamers

Molly Sims opens up about her life as a mom. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers) Welcome to So Mini Ways , Yahoo Life’s parenting series on the joys and challenges of child rearing.

If anyone knows the keys to multitasking, it’s Molly Sims. The supermodel, podcast host, actress, wife and mother of three youngsters (daughter Scarlett and sons Brooks and Grey Stuber) says she’s never not juggling at least two things at once.

Recently, she teamed up with Claire’s to promote CDrop , a new subscription service featuring the best of Claire’s accessories and jewelry — plus new limited-edition products. Molly and Scarlett were the first to receive the boxes from Claire’s and loved them. (“I found Claire’s before they found me,” Sims says, noting that she shopped there as a girl with her own mother.)

Last year, Sims lost her beloved mother, Dorothy “Dottie” Sims, and recently cleaned out her childhood bedroom in her parents’ Kentucky home, digging up troves of magazine covers, clippings, and nostalgia Dottie had saved — including Sims’s own Claire’s jewelry from childhood.

We caught up with the supermodel mama after a nostalgic weekend in Kentucky and talked about podcasting her way to the top of the charts, her mom network and the daily chaos of being a mom to three kids.

What’s your approach to parenting?

Work hard and play hard — that was my mom’s approach. My mom was a very involved parent and I’m a very involved parent. She made sure we studied and were well-read; culturally, she exposed us to as much as she could in Kentucky. In that way, I do the same with my kids — and open them up not just to L.A. and the west side. I’m also very structured — I may fall into helicoptering — but I’m an advocate for my children.

My husband and I work, and I have no family nearby, so I have help. I was telling my aunt back home that I wished she lived near me. But I am involved and most importantly, I like it. I would be sad to be on a set, in a trailer, missing those moments. I love being a mom — they drive me to the brink of insanity — but I love them [laughs].

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