Mo’Nique celebrates her 50s in empowering post: ‘I still have work to do and I welcome the challenge’

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique is not afraid of getting older. In fact, she’s embracing every inch of it.

In her latest post on Instagram, the comedian and actress let her fans know exactly how she feels while also admitting that, despite her happiness, there is still "work left to do."

"Hey my beautiful sisters," she began. "I will be turning 54 in a few weeks and I am so WELCOMING of all it. Everything that comes with your 50s. I often times [hear] folks say 50 is the new 30’s or 40’s. Not for me. GIVE ME ALL MY 50’s. I still have work to do and I WELCOME THE CHALLENGE. How y’all doing with AGING? I LOVE US 4REAL." Naturally, the post received a wave of support from fans and fellow actors who share Mo’Nique’s philosophy:

“Let them have it mama!!” Broadway legend Stephanie Mills wrote.

“Whewww ���,” wrote podcasters Terrell and Jarius Joseph in their joint Instagram account.

“Its been sooo much fun!!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so content in my life until now #50andFine ,” one fan wrote with another adding, “When I turned 50 I felt like I was 25 w/some sense. The 50th Chapter has been ‘Living my Best Life!’ Come on around the corner 60th Life Chapter!”

“I’ll be 54, in January!” added a fan. “The aging is fine, I’m just trying to do it gracefully. Sidenote, I started menopause late, and the transition to find herbs to keep me sane was a task ���. Now that’s working itself out. I’m happy �”

“I’m loving the aging stage,” another chimed in. “I’m so grateful that my father is continually blessing me. You look amazing.”

Of course, this is isn’t the first time Mo’Nique has used her platform to empower women over 50. In September, the actress shared a photo carousel of her look from her Fall Back comedy show at Barclays Center in New York City, showing off a curve-hugging black dress.

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