New all-inclusive playground opens in Daphne

Daphne, Alabama WKRG ) – It only takes 4 months to build, but this project has been built over the years. Officials on Monday morning cut the ribbon into something new to the city of Jubilee.

“Kids will love it. She’s already enjoying the slides. She’s only one year old, but she loves hanging out in the jungle gym,” she plans to take her grandson to Daphne’s new playground. Said Steve Van der.

The ADA-compliant playground at the Daphne Sports Complex is the first on the Eastern Shore. The park is wheelchair accessible and offers activities that everyone can enjoy.

“Growth cannot be denied, and with that growth we believe we must provide a quality of life that makes people come here,” said Mayor of Daphne, Robin Lejeune.

The city of Daphne donated $ 300,000 to the project, with the Daphne-Spanish Fort Kiwanis Club raising the remaining funding. They were able to raise $ 53,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic, which Mayor Le June says is impressive.

“There are many other parks in the area, but there’s a soft playground area that’s perfect for actually running around, and there’s definitely more parks here,” said Saralead.

Finding a special needs park is difficult in Baldwin County. Last month, the city of Orange Beach donated $ 20,000 to the Miracle League on the Alabama coast to create a baseball and playground in Summerdale. They are also calling for donations in other cities. The City of Orange Beach is ready to accommodate donations of up to $ 100,000. Returning to Daphne, Mayor Robin Lejeune is committed to providing facilities for these families.

“We want to make sure we serve everyone in the community, not just healthy children. It can be more expensive to do those things, but that’s what we promise. I’m going to do it, “he added.

Work has already begun on the splash pad and pavilion area next to the playground. New all-inclusive playground opens in Daphne

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