NFL 2021: How to watch Saints vs. Panthers, Titans vs. Seahawks, RedZone and more in the second week without cables

First week of the 2021 NFL season And it’s in the book Kansas City Chiefs still look powerful ..With A thrilling OT victory over the Las Vegas Raiders Baltimore Ravens On Monday night, each of the four AFC West teams is 1-0. The San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals in NFC West each won a week.Meanwhile, with Aaron Rodgers The Green Bay Packers seemed to be completely lost to New Orleans Saints -But the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions also lost their opening rounds, so they didn’t lose their position in NFC North.

The second week is Thursday night Washington football team bordering the New York Giants The final second field goal after the Giants penalty. Thankfully, Sunday brings more action in 14 more games. Among the highlights are the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers incline in Fox’s early window, and the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks in CBS’s late window.

As Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs visit Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens, Sunday’s action will probably end with the best match of the day. 5:20 pm PT (8:20 pm ET ) At NBC.

Here’s how to watch all the actions, RedZone, and the rest of the NFL season without cables. How to Stream NFL Games

Major streaming providers such as YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, FuboTV and DirecTV Stream offer almost every major channel you need for football. This includes CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN (required for Monday Night Football).

Sling TV offers NBC and Fox in Blue packages on some markets, but without CBS. Also note that you will need to switch to the Orange package or select the Blue and Orange bundle to get ESPN.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable watching on your mobile or tablet, you can also use the Yahoo Sports app to stream games broadcast on your local broadcaster for free. What about RedZone and the NFL Network?

All of the above options provide the ability to capture Red Zone and NFL networks, with the exception of DirecTV Stream. RedZone usually requires an additional $ 10 or $ 11 per month as an add-on.

If you’re only interested in RedZone, the cheapest option is to get Sling TV Blue for $ 35 / month and add the Sports Extra add-on for $ 11 / month. This allows you to get all football channels except ESPN and CBS. How about Thursday Night Football?

Most Thursday Night Football matches are broadcast on Fox, the NFL Network, and Amazon Prime Video. The Thursday Night Football match in September will air on the NFL Network, and Fox and Prime Video coverage will begin in October.

Please check Click here for the full Thursday Night Football schedule And our recommendations The best way to watch the NFL without cables Throughout the season. How about Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus offers a premium tier live CBS feed for $ 10 per month. However, depending on where you live, local CBS stations (and […]

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