NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 511.23 WHQL Adds DLSS and Reflexes to God of War

The latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver has been released, bringing NVIDIA’s signature Deep Learning Super Sampling and Reflex to God of War and Rainbow Six Extraction, among other highlights. In addition, the Game Ready driver brings some enhancements to games such as Hitman III, The Anacrusis, and Monster Hunter Rise.

Let’s start with the biggest highlights. The latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver brings NVIDIA’s signature capabilities for the ultimate gaming experience. By installing the driver, you can optimize your system, enable NVIDIA DLSS support and improve the performance of your GeForce RTX GPU. And on GeForce 900 GTX series and later GPUs, you can enable NVIDIA Reflex to quickly and easily reduce system latency and play games quickly and quickly, even on the most difficult challenges.

Production of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090Ti custom model has been reported to have ceased due to BIOS and design issues.

You can watch a video showing the low latency improvements brought about by the Game Ready Driver below.Don’t forget to check Whether the gaming rig meets the system requirements : NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex will also be featured in Rainbow Six Extraction. With the latest update, NVIDIA players can now experience this new tactical cooperative game with optimized system latency as well as faster performance. Therefore, players using NVIDIA graphics cards can make some improvements to the game by simply installing the driver once the game is released on January 20th.

This is a nifty comparison video showing the improvements brought about by NVIDIA’s latest Game Ready driver. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti 24GB and RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB Gigabyte Leak Custom Models: AORUS Xtreme, WindForce, Gaming OC Stealth

The NVIDIA Game Ready Driver also brings some improvements to many games coming out in the coming weeks. The games that receive extensions from the latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver are: Hitman III



Monster Hunter Rise

DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) has also been added to the latest drivers. This AI-powered extension allows you to render your game at a higher and more detailed resolution before intelligently scaling the results to your monitor’s resolution. This downsampling method improves image quality by enhancing detail, smoothing edges, and reducing sparkle.

DLDSR improves DSR by adding an AI network that requires fewer input pixels, making DLDSR2.25X image quality comparable to DSR4X image quality, but with better performance. DLDSR works with most games on GeForce RTX GPUs, thanks to the Tensor core.

The following is a sample using the graphics of Prey: Digital Deluxe Edition. NVIDIA says In their blog post They worked with the modding community and with popular ReShade creator Pascal Gilcher to three advanced depth-based freestyle filters, SSAO, Dynamic DOF, and his popular “ray tracing ReShade.” We have released SSRTGI, a modified version of the filter. “.

You can access these filters by enabling the GeForce Experience overlay and pressing Alt + F3 during gameplay.As always, the latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver also provides support for eight new G-SYNC compatible displays. These newly validated monitors offer […]

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