OYO and Microsoft form strategic alliance to develop next-generation hotel technology |

The solution is tailored to benefit patrons who operate small and medium-sized hotels and home stores. Microsoft is also making strategic equity investments in OYO. 9.17.2021 Microsoft And a global travel technology company OYO We have entered into a multi-year strategic alliance to collaboratively develop next-generation travel and hospitality products and technologies. OYO will adopt Microsoft Azure as a key enabler to drive cloud-based innovation and rethink the hospitality and travel technology industry. The solution is tailored to benefit patrons who operate small and medium-sized hotels and home stores. Microsoft is also making strategic equity investments in OYO.

Small, independent hotel and homeowners around the world have access to OYO’s latest technology to manage guest experiences, increase revenue, and use Microsoft Azure security and scalability to operate seamlessly. .. This pandemic has revolutionized consumer behavior when booking travel. This includes social distance, local travel, flexibility, faster bookings, and platform preferences that enable a better customer experience. These changes will accelerate the way small and medium-sized hotels operate, leading to the adoption of many pioneering and more advanced technologies, further shaping the future of hospitality.

Abhinav Sinha, Global COO and Chief Operating Officer of OYO Hotels & Homes, said: Our patron app ecosystem will increase revenues for new hotels and homes participating in the OYO network by approximately 1.4-2.4 times. This is done through our products and (machine learning) ML and (artificial intelligence) AI applications. This will perform millions of pricing optimizations per day to increase revenue or allow users to book OYO within seconds. Our technology and products have helped our patrons improve operational efficiency and continually improve their experience. This partnership with Microsoft will accelerate product rollout in the hands of partner SMEs and make an even greater impact through the integrated technology ecosystem available in the cloud for the most remote enterprises in the world. I can. For our guests, this partnership means more personalization, better choices, differentiated experiences, and improved guest experiences in the future. Microsoft’s efforts are further strengthened by investing in shares in the company. “

As part of this partnership, OYO will develop smart room experiences for travelers on the OYO platform, including premium and customized indoor experiences for guests. With Microsoft’s Azure IoT, self-check-in supported by arrival and departure digital registers, and IoT-managed smart locks and virtual assistance, as well as self-know your customer (KYC) are included.

“We look forward to accelerating travel and hospitality innovation by combining the power of Azure with the technology and product stack developed by OYO,” said Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India. “It’s exciting to see how the Microsoft cloud can accelerate industry transformation and innovation for digital natives like OYO and turn the challenges of the post-pandemic era into future opportunities.”

This alliance involves deep technical involvement between the two companies. In addition to collaborative innovation, OYO began sharing existing workloads with Microsoft Azure, adopting the Microsoft 365 suite for increased collaboration and productivity, and switching to Github Enterprise to accelerate technology development in a secure way. increase. To make […]

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