TikTok Star Remi Bader Shares the Winter Style Trends She’s Shopping for This Season

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If you’re anything like me and have spent way too much time scrolling through TikTok, you’ve probably come across one of Remi Bader’s realistic clothing hauls . Just a little over a year ago, she started making TikTok videos testing out clothes from various brands to compare how they looked on herself versus the models online — and they’ve been going viral ever since.

But this journey to TikTok stardom hasn’t come without its struggles. Though this was what she wanted to do with her time, Remi had to use her own money to buy the clothes for her hauls –– and therefore racking up credit card debt.

"I would go to my dad for everything," Bader said. "He’s the finance guy. I go to him for questions, but he would always yell at me because I would rack up my credit card and not take things as seriously."

After her TikTok started turning into a real business, Remi realized she needed to start focusing on her finances. No longer wanting to rely on her dad, Remi turned to Credit Karma to educate herself on personal finances, pay off her credit cards, and open another savings account.

Credit Karma has now become a main tool Remi uses to keep track of her finances for her business. It’s a free tool everyone can use to do everything from learning what affects your credit score to getting personalized recommendations on how to improve it.

"People think that Credit Karma is just free, find out your credit score and that’s not the case," Bader said. "If you want to budget, if you want to save, manage your debt… It could be very personalized. Like if you have college loans: If that was a struggle for you, you could go to Credit Karma to give you free and simple tools on how to manage that."

Bader has now found her footing financially, which is essential now that her career has taken off. She never imagined something that started out of pandemic boredom would take her to where she is today: two million TikTok followers, 325 thousand Instagram followers, and a show on Peacock called Impulse Try with Remi Bader . All impressive –– especially considering she only started her TikTok a year ago after being laid off during the pandemic.

"I came across curvy fashion inspiration on TikTok in September and I never saw that side of TikTok," Bader said. "I saw other girls doing it, which inspired me to do it."

It’s easy to see how she’s become a fashion inspiration for so many. Not only does she give great fashion advice and suggestions in her videos, she also does it with honesty and humor, which her followers love.

"I think the fact that I’m not afraid to say how I feel is something that people are drawn to," Bader said. "And then I put humor into it, which makes […]


Fashion’s startups trends for 2021

The brands and startups shaking up the fashion industry of tomorrow prioritised ethical values and tech innovation in 2021. Here are the key takeaways from the Vogue Business Future Edit. Jakob Powell, Courtesy of By Rotation To receive the Vogue Business newsletter, sign up here .

In 2021 the fashion industry was at a crossroads, primed for change by the pandemic and an increased demand for ethical business practices. Startups and emerging brands were at the forefront, driving the industry to rethink how things are done.

This year, Vogue Business launched The Future Edit , a weekly newsletter profiling innovative entrepreneurs and startups to uncover their disruptive strategies, the challenges they’re overcoming and how they differentiate themselves across growing markets. As ever, tech innovation is front of mind for the industry, from virtual reality and artificial intelligence to data analytics. However, innovation isn’t restricted to just tech: disruptive brands and startups are prioritising people and planet as they scale. It marks a shift towards responsible business strategies and more direct ownership over sales, supply chain and customer relationships. Building fashion’s circular economy

Circular fashion was a key theme this year. The technology for recycling materials has so far been limited as mixed fibres and plastic-based materials such as polyester make reuse difficult. Textile recycling startup Evrnu is scaling its technology to improve the quality of recycled fibres so they can be reused again and again, lengthening the lifespan of recycled materials. It’s a challenge that Evrnu CEO and co-founder Stacy Flynn says she’s up for.

“There’s a lot of scepticism out there about what’s possible. A lot of brands and investors say to us: ‘This is just hard, so I don’t believe it’ll ever happen,’” Flynn told Vogue Business in October, when the company announced a new funding round of $15 million. “We only work on things that are hard. We’re not doing this because there’s a great payoff immediately. We’re doing it because the problem is huge, and we’re uniquely qualified to take it on, and it’s exciting.”

Evolved By Nature is another startup focused on improving the environmental impact of materials used in the fashion and beauty industries. By replacing the harmful chemicals involved in textile production, materials such as leather will become biodegradable and the industry will become less dependent on fossil fuels. This autumn, it raised $70 million from investors, which will go to expanding production. Evolved by Nature eliminates harmful chemicals from the textile production process. Evolved by Nature Backed by Depop founder Simon Beckerman and Danish label Ganni, Sojo aims to make repair and alterations services more accessible and affordable for the average consumer, though the company has also begun to partner with clothing brands too. “Repair is a key part of circularity that was almost totally untapped,” said founder Josephine Philips. The company is trying to build its network of seamsters to meet demand as it scales. Responsible business growth

Many of the brands that the Vogue Business Future Edit featured this […]


Jesse Watters: Let’s wish one another ‘Merry Christmas,’ not ‘Happy Holidays’

‘The Five’ react to Fox’s All-American Christmas Tree relighting after arson 00:00

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Autoplay "My mom was very much a Christmas traditionalist and very community spirited," says Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters about his growing-up experiences and fun family times during the Christmas season.

He shares these and more in the new book, "All American Christmas" by Rachel Campos-Duffy and Sean Duffy.

"You put those two things together," says Watters about his mom’s penchant for tradition and community — "and I have memories of us going door-to-door in our neighborhood in Philadelphia to sing Christmas carols."

When people opened their doors, he continues, "We’d burst into song." A young Jesse Watters (right) is shown with his sister, Aliza, opening gifts at Christmas. As a child, he remembers going door-to-door to sing Christmas carols for neighbors and friends. (Jesse Watters) And then: "I don’t think I knew this at the time, but I believe that some of the enthusiasm and energy was fielded by liquids that came from hidden flasks."

The "battle-hardened War on Christmas veteran" and beloved Fox News personality details this and more Christmas spirit in his contribution to "All American Christmas."

FOX NEWS’ LAUREN GREEN: CHRISTMAS HYMNS ARE IMPORTANT FOR THREE KEY REASONS And as always, readers and viewers know exactly where he stands!Here’s an excerpt from an engaging essay that appears in the book. Read Jesse Watters’ take on the ‘War on Christmas’ Jesse Watters in All American Christmas: It’s important to remember that what we celebrate in December is Christmas, and we should be wishing one another "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays."Early in my career, I often went out to report from the front lines on the War on Christmas "I was defending a holiday and the traditions that the vast majority of us celebrate and hold dear." — Jesse Watters I remember some of the ridiculous attempts various groups made to deemphasize Christmas — not being able to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree and substituting the word "holiday" in front of "tree," banning candy canes , not putting lights up in a town square due to concerns about global warming. BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER: AMAZING REVEALS FROM FOX NEWS HOSTS AND MORE I tried to get to the bottom of all those stories, and I wasn’t caroling, but I did knock on a lot of doors.I wasn’t fueled by anything in a flask; I was out there defending a holiday and the traditions that the vast majority of us celebrate and hold dear. As a child, Jesse Watters desperately wanted a Michael Jackson jacket — which his colleague Dana Perino from "The Five" finally tracked down for him during a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Watters shares his views on the War on Christmas and more in "All American Christmas." (Courtesy FOX News) Those memories tie us to the past — to our families, to our friends, to our neighbors, and to those whose gifts were eventually repackaged and presented to children who understood and appreciated the […]


Heroic Amazon driver saves teen, family dog being from attack by larger dog

Fox News Flash top headlines for December 21 00:00

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Autoplay A heroic Amazon delivery driver jumped into action to save a 19-year-old woman and her dog as they were being attacked by a larger dog in Las Vegas .

"She could have easily stayed back, she saw how aggressive the dog was, but came flying in to help without a thought of her own well-being," homeowner Michael Ray said in a Facebook post linking to footage of the scene that was captured on a Ring security camera.

The incident happened on Dec. 13, when Ray’s daughter Lauren went outside and greeted a stray dog that was near the family’s front door. Lauren’s 9-year-old cocker spaniel named Max also exited the house.

The bigger dog, a pit bull, immediately went after Max, prompting Lauren to scoop him up and yell at the other dog.

"My Ring alert went off and I watched the entire situation unfold in front of me," Ray, who was at work during the attack, said on Facebook. The Amazon employee, identified as Stephanie Lontz, ran to Lauren’s side and yelled at the pit bull to get away.

HOME INTRUDER ATTACKED AND KILLED BY GEORGIA HOMEOWNER’S DOGS, INVESTIGATORS SAY "Bad dog," Lontz said as Lauren runs into the house with Max."You’re a bad dog," Lontz tells the dog as he backs away from the house. Ray called Lontz’s reprimanding of the dog "classic."The Rays tracked Lontz down and gave her a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for stepping in to help Lauren and Max."I didn’t have enough time to say thank you. I was just shaken up but I’m so glad I got to see you again and it means a lot to me," Lauren told Lontz. Compilation photo of pit bull next to Amazon delivery truck (iStock photos) (iStock) "The screams made me think of my own child," Lontz told KVVU. "I would only hope someone would jump in and help her if she was in a similar situation. I wouldn’t even think it’s motherly — it’s just the human thing to do." WISCONSIN MOTHER ‘DIED A HERO’ AFTER SAVING SON FROM DOG ATTACK: ‘THE BEST MOM’ Lontz added that delivery drivers often see wild, and sometimes dangerous, situations while on the job."Two days prior I had been bit by a dog, two days before that I had saved a baby that wasn’t even 2 years old get locked in a house," she recounted. "I mean, we really go through a lot, and we’re there when other people aren’t, and sometimes it’s not even recognized.""I have a co-worker who put out a fire the other day. It’s just we’re really there when sometimes nobody’s there," Lontz added.An Amazon representative said that the company appreciates Lontz’s "service to Amazon and really to your community" and that they watched the Ring footage and it "was something that I’ve never seen before."


Meta puts one in Valve with the acquisition of Imagine Optix

Meta has acquired VR lens specialist Imagine Optix. This is probably not a thrill after Valve has invested millions of dollars.

Company meta confirmed Formerly known as Facebook Reportedly acquired Imagine Optix, a small company that manufactures LCD lenses for AR and VR headsets.

Blogger Karl Guttag We first focused on this acquisition, emphasizing the fact that the Imagine Optix website has disappeared.

This may not sound like big news in itself, but the important thing to note here is who else was interested in the company. That is, it’s the main name for almost everything else in VR and AR.

According to VR YouTuber Bradley Lynch , Major VR rival Valve had previously invested about $ 9 million in Imagine Optix. Not only that, it seems to have made a $ 1 million loan as part of a “master supply deal”, clearly betting on the fact that this will secure the supply of next-generation lenses for future VR headsets. rice field.

You can imagine that Half-Life’s house was never happy (intended to be a pun) when a major rival pushed the camera in and bought the camera from under its nose.

It turns out that Valve sued Imagine Optix last year after it was revealed that a “world-recognized brand” had invested $ 5 million in its company. After that, the two calmed down.

This major investor is likely Meta, but Apple is also upset as a potential candidate.

It’s all very annoying and shows that the current battle between VR and AR is likely to be long and bloody. Meta puts one in Valve with the acquisition of Imagine Optix


Our favorite photos from 2021

In 2021, we saw images from the depths of the geological era to a glimpse into the future of transhumanism, the visionary people who are tackling today’s pressing problems. How technology finally begins to tell farmers what they don’t know yet Pandemics have the potential to improve public transport Why covid-19 finally ushered in the era of health care, based on patient data She put everything at risk to publish Facebook. Now she is talking about herself. The beauty of TikTok’s secret, amazing, and eerily accurate recommended algorithms “He put a QR-coded wristband on each chicken.” The next behavior of messenger RNA can be larger than the covid vaccine The world’s largest collection of malformed brains MIT Technology Review 2021 35 Innovators Under 35 : Kayla Lee MIT Technology Review 2021 35 Innovators Under 35 : Emma Pierson Close relationship with transhumanists This photographer-scientist collaboration shows the rate of climate change Pictures of these drones show inequality in cities around the world Factory where candy colors Factory where candy colors How to fix what the innovation economy has broken about America Our favorite photos from 2021


George RR Martin reveals why Elden Ring was so exciting to refuse

George RR Martin’s contribution to From Software’s Elden Ring is the cake proverb icing that so many fans have been waiting for.Famous writer behind the epic fantasy novel story A Song of Ice and Fire Worked on building the game world and characters ..

In a blog post I wrote a few days ago , George RR Martin explained why he accepted this proposal despite his passion for games (with his own approval, he was Railroad Tycoon, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Master of Orion, etc. I only played old strategy games). years ago, Hidetaka Miyazaki and his amazing team of game designers, the creators of the DARK SOULS video game series, have contacted from Japan to help create the backstory and history of the new games they are working on. rice field. FromSoftware’s Miyazaki and his team were doing breakthroughs with gorgeous art. What they wanted from me was just a little world building. A deep, dark, resonating world that serves as the basis for the games they plan to create. And, by chance, I love to create the world and write fictional history. So I did a little and handed it to a new friend in Japan, and they took it from there. And many years have passed. Video games these days are as big as movies (actually much bigger) … and take as long to create. However, the day of ELDEN RING is finally approaching. And I have to say, it looks can not believe it. Elden Ring is undoubtedly at the top of many of the most anticipated lists in 2022. After just a month’s delay, the game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X on February 25th.check out Kai’s hands-on preview from closed network test To find his first impression. George RR Martin reveals why Elden Ring was so exciting to refuse


Alex Chinneck puts a surreal spin on everyday spiral staircases

Alex Chinneck’s latest work reveals what architects call the most complex and ambitious sculpture to date. It’s a spiral staircase that looks like it’s bursting when climbing the sides of a building, with a surreal twist.

The official name of the project is Spring at your feet It represents the eleventh major artwork in Chinek’s eight years. It was commissioned by developer U + I and will remain in Brighton, England for the foreseeable future.

The sculpture is mounted on the façade of a newly developed neighborhood brick building, which usually starts well, but consists of stairs that are pushed away as it rises. Its overall shape reaches a total height of 25 m (82 ft), and its upper region consists of three parts arranged in a non-repeating spiral that branches towards the top.

Not surprisingly, Chinneck doesn’t like to elaborate on every step of creating artwork for fear of ruining the mystery, but it’s made using galvanized steel and weighs four. Tons (4.48 US tons), says it took three years. Enlighten.

“The artwork is designed to react directly to the place and contribute to the energetic and creative atmosphere it envisions,” said Chinneck’s press release. “” Spring at your feet Turns an ordinary staircase into an extraordinary sculpture. Following the shape of the spiral staircase at the base, the structure unwinds as it rises upwards and outwards across the courtyard of Circus Street. The three steel ribbons burst with the energy of the sculpture, introducing movement into the volume above the courtyard while helping to animate and enliven the space below. “

Adding a strange and playful twist to boring everyday buildings and objects is a theme that pervades Chinneck’s entire work. Open to the public When 50p pounds of meat .. Motion powered mesh promotes healing of damaged tendons


Many startup accelerators fail.Here’s how to find the right one

The number of new startup accelerators has peaked.Appeared in 2005 since they first appeared In 2021, over 3,000 accelerators were touted around the world. .. It all started with an accelerator program backed by venture capital funds such as Y-Combinator. Accelerators are currently operated by the founders of governments, businesses, universities, former startups, or in partnership with the venture capital (VC) ecosystem.

This is not surprising, as accelerators have proven to have a positive effect on startup success.Studies show that startups that have “graduated” from the accelerator program 23% good survival rate ..This is pretty much seen as an estimate 90% of startups fail ..

In addition, over-liquidity of investors is fueling the accelerator industry with record-breaking. $ 49 billion Fund early stage startups in the first three quarters of 2021. These programs, along with a network of VCs and partners, can provide efficient entry into capital.

This is a begging the question. Should your startup join the accelerator? And if so, how do you literally get rid of thousands of options to find the right program for your business?

There are many factors to consider, but they are all summarized in suitability, timing, and commitment. Find your fit

“The best tips for founders are: Do a research. Founders need to be a little careful when choosing an accelerator. Before applying, they need to review their achievements. Yes, “Nataly Schammel tells me. As a program manager for the Future of Finance Accelerator, backed by a partnership between Techstars and ABN AMRO Bank, she has seen many start-ups go through this process. Her advice is to scrutinize the accelerator by “reaching out to the founders who have previously experienced the program,” Shammel added.

Another question that founders should ask themselves is, “What are the main motivations for participating in a particular program?” Don’t just find out if the accelerator is suitable for your industry today, but also consider what you and the other founders want to get from it.

For example, corporate accelerators are a great way to access industry expertise, assets, and networks of clients and partners. Take this opportunity to build long-term relationships within these organizations. These people can help you beyond the 3-month accelerator program.As Chammel explained: Do not join the accelerator if you are only considering running a pilot with a corporate partner, as it is likely that you are not ready. Moreover, there is no time for it during the program anyway. Another way to find a suitable accelerator program is to check the quality of your mentor. How involved are they and which one is most useful to your business?

research According to the University of Georgia, accelerators that provide more interaction between mentors and startups have been found to produce more successful batches, especially if the mentor and program remain involved over the long term. Is the timing correct?

The second factor to consider is whether it’s the right time for a startup to join an accelerator in terms of how mature the business idea is and at what […]


AutoX wins competition to build China’s first Level 4 Robotaxi production line

Alibaba support AutoX Won the competition to build the first Level 4 Robotaxi production line in China.

Level 4 “mind-off” driverless vehicles are fully autonomous and can handle complex city driving situations. However, it must be available and fit for the human driver so that it can be controlled as needed. Level 4 vehicles must be able to safely stop if the human driver does not respond appropriately to the request for intervention.

AutoX is internationally recognized for Level 4 vehicles that can handle the difficult situations of driving in urban areas of China. AutoX deliberately designed and built the production line to build a robotaxi with “a very high level of accuracy and consistency”.

Let’s take a look inside the production facility. The production line will mass-produce AutoX “Gen5” vehicles. debut July 2021.

AutoX’s Gen5 system can safely navigate the driving conditions of complex cities in China using a vehicle control unit with 50 sensors and 2200 TOPS computing power.

A combination of 28 cameras captures a total of 220 million pixels per second, six LiDAR modules collect 15 million points per second, and a 4D RADAR system with 0.9 degree resolution surrounds the vehicle. You can see 360 ​​degrees.

This video shows details of a previously unseen Gen5 system, including wiring and assembly details for the two main sensor towers and the blind spot sensor suite. Powering the self-driving software stack and sensors, AutoX’s XCU is hidden under the boot bed to provide space for luggage.

All robotaxis coming out of the production line are sent to an automatic multi-sensor calibration turntable. The wheels are also calibrated and temperature and waterproof tests are performed. This all means that all Robotaxis leaving the facility are ready to operate autonomously in the licensed area.

AutoX launched the first commercial robotaxi service in China in January that runs without a safety driver. The company has set a perfect safety record since then and now operates in Shenzhen’s 65 square miles (168 square kilometers).

The company is also aiming for international expansion, becoming the second company to obtain a license for self-driving robotaxi from DMV in California last year.

Want to know more about IoT from industry leaders? check out IoT Tech Expo .. The next event in the series will take place in Santa Clara, May 11-12, 2022, in Amsterdam, September 20-21, 2022, and in London, December 1-2, 2022. AutoX wins competition to build China’s first Level 4 Robotaxi production line