PlayStation Plus Deals: Up to 50% Off Annual Subscriptions

Whether you have PlayStation 4 Or somehow I was able to hook myself PS5 , PlayStation Plus is a great way to get the most out of your console. This subscription looks pretty simple at first, but there’s more to it than you can see.Especially when you take separate into account PlayStation Now subscription. This is similar in some respects and very different in other respects. .. We’ve categorized the monthly fees and the features that are actually included in your subscription to help you determine if PS + is the service you actually use or if it’s another monthly fee that you forget to cancel.

Like most subscription services, PS + encourages long membership plans over short membership plans. Choosing an annual membership saves you 50% compared to your monthly subscription and 40% compared to 3 months. Sure, it costs you a lump sum of $ 60, but with immediate access it gives you over 20 games, it also pays for itself immediately. Besides the monthly savings offered by your annual membership, there are several ways to avoid leaving money on your table with this subscription. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll also find subscription packages that further reduce your monthly costs. Here are some of the best currently available.

Currently, new PlayStation Plus subscribers can get an annual subscription for just $ 30. That’s just $ 5 more than a three-month membership. This costs just $ 2.50 per month. This offer is not available to current subscribers and is only valid until December 19th, so please respond promptly.

You can also get a 12-month subscription now from your CD key. It’s a bit more expensive than trading directly from the PlayStation, but it has some additional benefits. First, it doesn’t have an expiration date, so you have a little more time to decide if you really want to commit a year. Another major advantage is that this transaction is not limited to new subscribers (as far as we know). Therefore, those who want to resume their existing plans can also participate in the savings.

If you want to try PlayStation Plus before you promise a year-round, get a 3-month subscription that is also available from CD Keys.

PS + subscriptions allow access to several different features. The majority are universal, but there are some differences between PlayStation 5 users and users who have upgraded to PlayStation 4 users. Here we have categorized all the major features. Monthly game

For budget-conscious gamers, this is one of the biggest attractions of PS + subscriptions. Every month, three new games can be billed to subscribers for free. Even if you don’t have storage to download that particular month, you can still request a title and save it to your library for later. The rotation selection consists of two PlayStation 4 games and one next-generation title (although PS4 users can still download the previous generation version). These aren’t always the biggest AAA titles, but many great games have been available in […]

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