Pokemon Go September 2021 events: Lake trio, Fashion Week and more

We’re nearing the end of September, but there are still a few events in store for Pokemon Go this month. The game’s Season of Mischief is now underway, and as part of it, developer Niantic is hosting a variety of events over the next few weeks, including the debut of Hoopa , a new Fashion Week celebration and more. Here’s a roundup of all the biggest events and activities that are happening in Pokemon Go in September 2021. Legendary raid rotation

Several legendary Pokemon are returning to five-star raid battles throughout September. Lugia with Aeroblast was the featured legendary raid boss during the first half of the month. Following its departure, the lake trio Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie are appearing in five-star raids in their respective regions from Sept. 14 – Oct. 1. You can see September’s legendary raid schedule below.

Sept. 1-14 Lugia

Sept. 14 – Oct. 1 Azelf (Americas/Greenland)

Mesprit (Europe/Middle East/Africa/India)

Uxie (Asia-Pacific)

September Pokemon Spotlight Hours

Every Tuesday evening, Niantic holds a Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon Go from 6-7 p.m. local time. During that hour, a certain Pokemon will spawn in the wild much more frequently than usual, and a special bonus will be active in the game, netting you additional experience points or candy. Here are September’s spotlight Pokemon and bonuses:

Sept. 7 Spotlight Pokemon: Spoink

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch Stardust

Sept. 14 Spotlight Pokemon: Baltoy

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch XP

Sept. 21 Spotlight Pokemon: Skitty Spotlight bonus: 2x catch candy Sept. 28 Spotlight Pokemon: Alolan Meowth Spotlight bonus: 2x transfer candy Fashion Week Fashion Week returns in Pokemon Go from Sept. 21-28. As part of the event, the poodle Pokemon Furfrou will appear in the game for the first time, and you’ll have a chance to catch new, costumed versions of Butterfree, Sneasel and Blitzle. On top of that, Niantic is rolling out the next portion of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research line during Fashion Week. There will also be a new Special Research line that leads to an encounter with the mythical Pokemon Meloetta. (If you’ve previously caught Meloetta through the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Special Research, then this task line will instead reward you with additional Meloetta candy.) September Special Research encounter: Ditto Throughout September, a new batch of Field Research tasks and rewards will be available in Pokemon Go, as will a new Research Breakthrough encounter. Each time you complete enough tasks to achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you’ll earn an opportunity to catch a Ditto. On top of that, there’s a chance the Ditto you encounter will be shiny.In order to achieve a Research Breakthrough in Pokemon Go, you need to collect seven stamps. You’ll receive one stamp for the first Field Research task you complete each day, so you’ll need to complete tasks over at least seven days to achieve a Research Breakthrough and encounter Ditto. Hoopa’s Arrival event Pokemon Go kicked off its Season of Mischief with an event on Sept. 5 revolving around […]

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