Popular side-by-side door refrigerator to check out

If you were going to buy a new fridge, you wouldn’t have been able to choose a better time for it. Thanks to the sale of Diwali on the e-commerce site, refrigerators now have a lot of great deals and offers. We’ve looked through the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale offers to find the best picks in the fridge you can buy and help you create the right pick. Here are our 6 top picks for the best refrigerators you can buy right now. 1. Amazon Basics Refrigerator

The total capacity of this side-by-side refrigerator from Amazon Basics is 564 liters. There is a water dispenser and automatic defrosting technology to prevent excess ice buildup. There is a multi-airflow system for smooth airflow and uniform cooling. Other features include a built-in LED display panel for access to settings and temperature control. There are also quick freeze and quick cool features. 2. Samsung refrigerator

Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator has a total capacity of 700 liters. It features Spacemax technology, which provides more space for storage. Samsung says extra space is available because the walls are thin due to the minimal amount of high-efficiency insulation.There is a DIT compressor that comes with an all-around cooling feature to keep food fresh and is said to consume up to 50% less energy.

Spacemax technology 3. Panasonic refrigerator

Panasonic’s side-by-side frost-free refrigerator has an automatic defrosting function with a total capacity of 584 liters. The appliance comes with an intelligent inverter compressor, which is said to be energy efficient, low in noise and durable. Inside is a double vegetable box, triple twisted ice tray and energy-saving LED lighting. The refrigerator has tempered glass shelves and a luxurious stainless steel finish. Other features include quick cooling mode, quick freeze mode, and vacation mode. 4. Haier refrigerator

Haier’s refrigerator has a total capacity of 570 liters and is equipped with twin inverter technology that minimizes noise. According to the company, refrigerators consume less than one refrigerator per day. There is a 90 degree automatic suspension feature that keeps the door open when the door is opened at 90 degrees. There is DEO Fresh Technology, which is said to sterilize refrigerators by removing 99.99% of viruses, molds, bacteria and bacteria by releasing negative ions. Precise Multi Flow technology detects cold air and distributes it to each layer of the refrigerator. 5. Hisense refrigerator

Hisense’s side-by-side inverter frost-free refrigerator has a total capacity of 564 liters and features an automatic defrosting feature to prevent ice buildup. There are energy efficient digital inverter compressors that also provide quietness. Special features include a dispenser for quick cold water.

Water dispenser 6. Whirlpool refrigerator

This whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator has an automatic defrosting feature to prevent ice buildup. The company states that it is an energy-saving unit with a total capacity of 570 liters and a consumption of less than CFL. The appliance features tempered glass shelves and offers a holiday mode. Adaptive intelligence technology allows refrigerators to control humidity and keep them fresh.

Adaptive Intelligence […]

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