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In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of several online prototyping and parts manufacturing services. Some offer in-house manufactured services, while others leverage digital capabilities to provide superior service to their customers. RapidDirect Is one of the latter companies, combining artificial intelligence with big data to provide instant quotes to potential customers.

One of the most well-known companies with the widest range of features is ProtoLabs. Second, there are also 3D hubs / hubs that offer high quality laminate modeling and 3D printing services. However, most of these companies offer access to services only through a single interface. Many new and existing companies have to wait a few days for their clients to get a quote for manufacturing services.

Next is RapidDirect, which has made headlines in the last few weeks.Thanks to the recent release Instant quote platform .. The system uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze design data at upload time. This technology allows clients to receive instant quotes at any time of the day.

Receiving a quote is the starting point for all manufacturing processes. Therefore, exploring RapidDirect’s quote platform will help you understand the range of services offered. Let’s begin! (Use coupon code RDENGUK 15% off first order by May 10, 2021)

Get a quote on RapidDirect’s instant quote platform

As you may know, RapidDirect focuses on internet-based quote services. The first step is to register for the service and then upload your design (CAD) file to start making a quote. The platform supports a wide range of file formats. These formats include STEP, STL, STP, and more.

The first step before uploading is to select the desired service. in this case, CNC machining service .. All clients are free to tweak the process and parts they want to build by visiting the quote page where the parts have been uploaded to the quote.

RapidDirect provides the “best guess”. It focuses on the shape and manufacturability of the part and offers detailed pricing. Proceed to specifying the component requirements. Whether you start by choosing a process or choosing a material depends on your taste.

Most clients and designers already know what they want. Therefore, choosing the process first and then the material is often the best decision. However, the ball remains on the court. As you filter the processes and materials you use, prices will continue to update accordingly.

Once you have selected the process and material, you can proceed to define your preferred post-processing options. Options vary by material and by process. All types of standard finishes are available, from powder coating to bead blasting and anodizing.

When you reach this point, you will begin to notice an increase in estimates. Specifying the number of parts that will be a product is probably the final choice you make.

What’s interesting here is that the RapidDirect quote platform allows you to quickly see the specifications you’ve uploaded. There is also an online Design For Manufacturability (DfM) analysis that checks for component problems. These include narrow areas, internal corners, thin walls, deep holes or radii.

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