RS Recommends: From (Heated) Pillows to Light Therapy, Here Are 10 Ways to Relieve Stress

ostrichpillow_heatbag_04_900x – Credit: Ostrich Pillow With Omicron cases on the rise and many of us going back to self-isolating, it’s okay to not feel 100 right now. Depending on the circumstances, the symptoms of a bad mood — sadness, restlessness, loss of sleep — can oftentimes be addressed through easy at-home methods and items that don’t require a prescription.

Certain brands are helping increase awareness of ways that you can take time for yourself and help boost your mood naturally. Each year the stigma around discussing mental health becomes less taboo, and there are things you can add to your day-to-day routine to help release stress and feel a little bit more like yourself.

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For Zak Williams, son of the late actor Robin Williams, the loss of his father in 2014 spiraled his anxiety “into overdrive” and led him on a six-year search for ways to cope more naturally. “[After my father died] I found myself depressed, anxious and unable to cope with daily life,” he tells Rolling Stone . “I found myself trying to treat the chronic stress and anxiety I had with alcohol and cannabis products, which left me feeling numb, disconnected and addicted.”

On a search to find healthier ways to cope, Williams discovered the benefits of adaptogens and amino acid complexes that are said to help “recalibrate” the body and brain. “I spent the next two years innovating on compounds, taste, bioavailability and accessibility to create a safe, natural and effective anxiety and stress relief product,” he says.

Last year, Williams officially unveiled PYM (Prepare Your Mind), a “mental health support brand” that launched with the release of a tin of “mood chews,” designed to help calm nerves and anxiousness, especially in uncomfortable or overwhelming situations. According to PYM, the fruit-flavored gummies naturally target your body’s hormone levels, to effectively manage stress and anxiety. It’s not a one-dose-fix-all solution, but if you need a little boost, Williams says a couple chews could go a long way.

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