Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Sale: Pride or Disappointment?

The past 2020 hasn’t been as successful as Samsung hoped. The company maintained its leadership in the smartphone market, but problems in this segment only worsened. Ten years after releasing the Premium Galaxy Note series device, the Korean giant refused to further develop the line. One of the reasons is the increase in sales of the Galaxy S21 family. But in the end, the bet didn’t work. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Sale: Pride or Disappointment?

There were no failures, but there is no need to talk about success. According to The Elec, the company sold as many devices as it sold the Galaxy S20 model in 2020. We are talking about about 20 million mobile phones. Given the serious turmoil in the industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic two years ago, sales of the Galaxy S21 series fell short of the company’s expectations. It was clearly expecting more in the situation when the market returned to growth.

Sources claim that Samsung blames manufacturing problems for its failure. Especially the one that occurred at the company’s factory in Vietnam. From a commercial point of view, throwing away the Galaxy Note series seems right. Galaxy Note 21 sales are unlikely to be high. Samsung wants to be incredibly successful in its Tiger strategy this year

According to Chinese horoscopes, 2022 will be the time of the tiger’s reign. This will start on February 1st. Astrologers have already discussed the fact that this year is turbulent. Someone will have to change the direction of life and revise the principles. Change and change are priorities. Samsung is also looking forward to change, and today announced a new strategy under the symbolic name “Tiger.”

The main task is to promote the device more aggressively in the market. The goal is ambitious. Be the number one company in all product categories. Expand market share in the premium device segment with price tags over $ 600. To increase user migration to Galaxy smartphones and increase sales of smartphone accessories, including headphones.

Samsung’s mobile division will strive to produce not only smartphones but also smart devices. The goal is to be a brand that is respected by a young audience and offers innovation. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Sale: Pride or Disappointment?

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