Save Up to 60% on Wayfair’s 2022 Design Trends

You’ve been in your home, pretty much without interruption, for two years now. Thinking about what needs to be replaced. What pieces you hate. What to put on that wall, over there. The time is now. New year, even newer home .

If we told you that a group of interior design experts have curated a list of seven design trends for 2022 with standout products discounted up to 60 percent to aid your home renovation, would it give you the push you need to start shopping? Because they have.

According to Wayfair , retro classics , natural elegance , the pop-up workspace , iconic silhouettes , plush touches , jewel-toned statements , and open-air living are the most anticipated trends in homewares for the upcoming year. Many of them available at steep discount, we have a run-down of the best deals happening across our favorite looks . Get shopping.

Best Deals in " The Pop-Up Workspace "

Popping up a home workspace has been a trend since 2020 and from the looks of it, there’s no end in sight. Luckily, Wayfair has more than a few chairs, bookcases, and storage pieces to upgrade yours. Ergonomic Executive Chair Chapple W Cube Bookcase Corum Abstract Area Rug The sharp tailoring of the ‘50s, swinging coolness of the ‘60s, and opulent hues of the ‘70s have survived for good reason. Embrace them to bring a note of effortless elegance to your home. These era-defining classic strands will better elevate your space when they’re tied together. Campanelli Coffee Table What can we say? We’re basically programmed to love these shapes. We’re also fond of bold geometrics and modular forms on couches, chairs, and tables, something you’ll find in spades in this sale. Chrome Yearby Table Lamp Dayshanay Side Chair Statement pieces crafted in raw materials like wood and leather are the harbinger of this trend, owing to their high quality. And no matter what your design motto is, a dosage of earthy, leathery accents will bring in a lived-in yet sophisticated aesthetic. Get unlimited access to Esquire’s lifestyle coverage as you revamp your home. Join Esquire Select.

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