Scottish Technical Army Co-Founder Reveals Long-Term Plan

The Scottish technical army is focusing from Covid’s response to coordinating efforts for technology.

That is the message of co-founder Alistair Forbes. CRN Last week’s Tech Impact Summit and Awards ( You can view it on demand here ).

Created during the first blockade last April, the nonprofit’s original mission was to mobilize layoff Scottish engineers to assist the country’s response to Covid. bottom.

That effort saw founders Forbes and Peter Jaco. Recognized on the New Year Honors list.

But Forbes said he recognizes the long-term role of an organization that has recruited more than 1,600 volunteers for its 17-month life.

“We are still seeing new volunteers coming in every week. We are still seeing new projects coming in every week,” he said.

“It prompted us to decide that we could play a longer-term role in the Scottish technical army, so far more generally from the organization that was originally a Covid-enabled initiative, much more about technology. Has a wide range of authority. “

The Scottish technical army initially embarked on a number of health and social care related projects, including the deployment of systems to help local organizations procure PPE more effectively. Young Enterprise Scotland also helped continue the task of stimulating children remotely during a pandemic. Digital exclusion is another priority area.

“There’s a lot of really good work done last year or so,” Forbes said.

“But very often, these initiatives are relatively separate and poorly coordinated, so their role in coordinating some of them and building a Tech-for-Good ecosystem. I want to fulfill. “

“We’ve worked with a number of partners during the last operational period. Currently, we’re trying to reach out to both, not just the organizations that are already active. Show people who haven’t, what they can do and what they can do. “ Scottish Technical Army Co-Founder Reveals Long-Term Plan

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