Screwing Up, Offlining, OpenSeaing and 20 Crypto Jokes

his week in crypto, LTC pumped then dumped after a fake piece of news that Walmart had entered into “a major partnership” with Litecoin, with Charlie Lee admitting the tweet screw-up soon afterwards. Solana mainnet was forced to go offline and was restarted, affecting the coin’s price, Ethereum L2 scaling solution Arbitrum’s TVL skyrocketed by nearly 9,400% in two weeks, and there were accusations of insider trading on OpenSea , prompting talks about a decentralized NFT trading platform. Meanwhile, as AMC announced they’d be adding ETH, LTC and BCH payment options alongside BTC, analysts urged caution as a golden cross appeared in the bitcoin chart.

MicroStrategy purchased an additional BTC 5,050 , Google Cloud partnered with Dapper Labs to help scale the Flow blockchain, and Coinbase showed that “strong demand” exists among financial institutions to get exposure to the crypto space, while the former Head of Business Development at BitMEX agreed to be extradited to the US . Moody’s said CBDC and stablecoins could disrupt traditional financial system , and a survey found that European and Asian investors drive bitcoin and ethereum investments .

Meanwhile, El Salvador’s President said that Chivo bitcoin app has “over half a million users” and promised to fix its bugs, thousands of people protested bitcoin adoption in that country, an Uruguayan regulator suggested that crypto-real estate ‘exchanges’ are possible , the SEC chief Gary Gensler may be gunning for crypto exchanges , unless they register with the regulator, in Russia, Central Bank told domestic banks to block crypto exchange transactions , while blockchain-related salaries are rising fast , and in South Korea, larger crypto exchanges announced a ‘temporary’ end of fiat trading , as over USD 5.2m worth of crypto was seized from suspected tax dodgers. And while in South Korea, crypto communities could see their crypto tax threshold raised, in the US, politicians want to wring USD 16bn out of crypto holders .

And now, let’s laugh at some crypto-flavored jokes.

Hey, CT! How’s everything going this week? Wow, Litecoin is— Never mind, as you were. Source: coins.bureau / Instagram Somebody tell these execs they must always do their own research. No need to research this one though, it’s obviously absolutely definitely totally true. ‘You have no idea how difficult it is for me! You have it so easy!’ ‘What’s a good investment? You are, yes, you are!” Source: _relatable_hustle_ / Instagram This one’s just a fact. Heeey, look! A living dodge NFT! It only makes financial sense. One 10trn dollar bill, pls. Ta. Ooooh… Source: cryptoviewing / Instagram You learn as long as you buy. Source: trading.stocksmemes / Instagram Seriously, got to fax it, or send it by post, no other way to get it to them. And now, a bitcoin haiku – a bitiku, if you will. Here’s a rarely seen 2-in-1er. ‘Being totally shadowy, and doing their super-coding… You see, I know what I’m talking about.’ Stock Market and Economy, personified. Explained in crypto terms, for easy understanding. And for the end of this […]

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