Seth MacFarlane rips Fox News while revealing ‘Family Guy’ vaccination PSA

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane joined Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, where he premiered a new Family Guy vaccination public service announcement set to be released Tuesday morning. In the PSA, Stewie and Brian discuss Peter’s vaccine hesitancy while appearing to be floating in a vein.

“What Peter might ask is, what if the vaccine makes him sick?” Brian said. Stewie answered, “The common side effects from the COVID vaccines are generally mild and last a few days. But do you know what can have serious long-term side effects? COVID.” “Well, you know he says he just figures everyone else is gonna get it, so why does he have to?” Brian retorted. “What he should understand is, getting the shot not only protects him but also the people around him,” Stewie said. “But even more importantly, if the virus is allowed to spread through an unvaccinated population, it could mutate into a variant that the vaccines might not protect against, and then we’re right back where we started: Gal Gadot singing ‘Imagine.’ We cannot let that happen again!”

Kimmel was shocked to learn that the same parent company that allows Fox News hosts to spread crazy conspiracy theories about the vaccine, like Tucker Carlson saying earlier in the night that the military vaccine mandate is an attempt to target “Christians,” “free thinkers” and “men with high testosterone,” is the same company that signed off on the PSA.

“Do you go to Fox and you tell them you want to do this, and they’re for it?” Kimmel asked. “Yeah,” MacFarlane said. Taken aback, Kimmel replied, “Interesting.” “It’s very civil of them,” MacFarlane quipped. “I don’t quite know what the — look, it’s two halves of the same person. It’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

MacFarlane also spoke about how he views the dichotomy between the news side of Fox and the entertainment side.

“You see on the news side, they obviously are in, you know, their imaginary fairyland,” MacFarlane said. “And then you have the entertainment side that’s like, ‘Alright, we gotta exist with these people, so let’s be political and let’s make the best of it.’”

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