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Huntington, West Virginia ( WOWK ) – Supply chain shortages are negatively impacting industries across the country. Currently, there is one shortage that some health authorities are concerned about.

The country is currently experiencing a shortage of disposable face masks, as the number of COVID-19 is declining.

Why is it missing?

“In terms of the general shortage of some PPE products that exist in North America and the United States, this is related to the global supply chain problems we are experiencing. One is related to COVID-19. And the other is related to product flow, due to a shortage of supplier employees, “said Greg Tsagris, president of Phoenix Quality Manufacturing, a face mask manufacturer in Jackson, Ohio.

He also says that another reason for the shortage is the inconsistent need for face masks.

“One of the characteristics of masks is that they are different from foods with stable demand because people need to eat them every day. Masks have [their] Flow based on previous flare up. That is, there was the original COVID-19 that caused the flare up, and the delta variant caused the flare up. And now there is Omicron, which is the cause. [additional] Flare up and increased purchases “

What can a company do to ensure a constant flow?

“One of our constant advocates is local and US purchases. Here we support local supply chains and local manufacturers in Ohio and the surrounding area. We support certain productions and means of production, “explains Tsagris.

He states that companies taking these steps will eliminate long foreign logistic chains and make their products available in times of crisis. here. “

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Some options Anyone who does not have a disposable face mask, including the use of cloth masks.

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