Sohini Sarkar sports five popular fashion trend of 2021


With the party season on, The Telegraph creates a trendy lookbook with the actress and caught up with her for a heart-to-heart post-shoot

The disc-shaped, metal-shiny and light-reflecting glamorous embellishment, sequins — reminding one of the shimmering ’70s, the disco decade — has often been a favourite party pick. Last year, with the recent global trend of minimalism and the pandemic making parties restricted to the house, there was hardly any scope for sequinned outfits to make its way out of the wardrobe. 2021, however, saw the sparkling trend back in fashion, and not just limited to the party season. From international runways to designer collections, be it Chanel, Michael Kors or Dior, from athleisure to party wear, the year was about going all out with the sparkle and shine, reflecting a happy and cheerful mood to take over the long lingering gloom of the pandemic. With the party season on, The Telegraph creates a trendy lookbook with Sohini Sarkar and caught up with the actress for a heart-to-heart post-shoot:

Are you fond of winter?

My favourite is rainy season but for fashion it is winter. Rainy season is for the mood. Sit at home, enjoy and listen to music. But in winter, since there is no chance of sweating, we can explore with fashion and can wear any kind of outfits. And parties!

What do you look forward to most during winter?

Food! I am a huge foodie. I have a sweet tooth and look forward to nolen gur and oranges. I can eat six-seven oranges every day during winter. I make many plans during winter as it comes for two to three months only. On one of the days, I have to go for a long drive early in the morning to any suburb area near Calcutta. I love seeing these areas early in the morning engulfed in fog. Even the roads of Rajarhat gets filled with fog. I love watching the car cross through it. I am mostly a homely person but during winter months I don’t like sitting at home. I like going to the new cafes for adda with friends in the evening.

You love baking various winter delicacies. What is there on your list this year?

Every year, before the 25th, I make a Christmas-special cake at home. For that I soak all dry fruits in rum way ahead of Christmas. This time I planned to make a carrot cake that everyone loved. Specially my mother and Ranojoy (Bishnu) love the carrot cake. In winter, from December 25 to January 15, I always have plans to cook a lot of things. I am a patishapta specialist too. (Laughs) I love doing the Poush Sankranti ritual, where I make mung dal puli, coconut puli and patishapta puli plus nolen gur payesh. And starting from Christmas till the first week of January, I make around six to seven cakes for friends and family.

Winter is a time for parties. Are you a party freak? […]

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