Squid Game Enthusiasm: Indian Games Stupid World Sees Pre-Registration Over Rs 30,000 For Netflix Series Based Mode

The popular Netflix series, Squid Game, has arrived in Indian mobile games. Silly World, an action multiplayer title from Pune-based studio Super Gaming, is teasing a new mode inspired by Korean thrillers. Thanks to the popularity of the next mode called Squid Royale Games, Silly World has already won over 300,000 pre-registrations. More than 142 million viewers, Netflix’s largest series in history, have already joined Squid Games on the OTT platform, and the show has been featured in other popular games such as Garena Free Fire.

Stupid world last week Tweet There are already 300,000 pre-registrations for Squid Royale Games mode. There is no announcement when the mode will be rolled out to all users.However, another Tweet , Silly World teased that “Red Light, Green Light” would definitely be part of the Squid Games Royale.

For those who don’t know, “Red Light, Green Light” appeared in the squid game as the first deadly game received by unlucky participants. Don’t worry, we will provide the details for you and will not spoil the show. However, the first on-screen game has moved to the latest squid royal game mode, so it’s safe to guess other games in the series, such as tug of war, honeycomb toffee candy, marble shoots, and the inevitable squid game itself. .. You may soon go to a stupid world. The company doesn’t provide any further details, so this information should be considered with just a little salt.

Silly World currently has three game modes: jailbreak, hide and seek, and murder mystery. It supports up to 12 players and allows users to create their own stupid avatars. In Hide and Seek mode and Murder Mystery mode, the user can choose between stupid avatars and devil avatars. In jailbreak mode, the user can choose between cop or robbery avatars. Silly World also offers interactive features such as voice chat and emoji. Comes with customized game settings for private matches with friends.

One of SuperGaming’s fastest growing games to date, Silly World has already won over 10 million downloads. Android When iOS , According to the company.

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