St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter wins second term

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter was re-elected by a wide margin Tuesday.

State of play: Results showed the Democrat carrying more than 60% of the vote, easily surpassing the 50% mark for first-choice votes needed to win the ranked-choice election outright. Carter had not attracted a serious challenger in his bid for a second term.

Catch up quick: Carter, 42, made history as St. Paul’s first Black mayor when he was elected in 2017. He’s used his first term to push for progressive priorities such as a universal basic income pilot program and exploring paying reparations for descendants of slaves . Yes, but: Like other mayors of large cities, he’s had to confront challenges presented by the pandemic and an increase in serious crime. His funding proposal for police sparked criticism from the city’s chief, who is stepping down next summer.

What to watch: Carter’s resume and role as a campaign surrogate for President Biden and other top Democrats has prompted speculation that he plans to seek higher office someday.

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