Take the time to audit your terrible password this new year

Passwords are complicated because they are especially important. You’ll need one for your banking app, social media profile, streaming service, loyalty card, and grocery store. The list keeps growing and doesn’t seem to stop. Also, there are no complex and endless requirements for passwords. You need a capital letter here, a symbol here, and some numbers. It’s demanding, awkward, and makes you want to cut corners.

Many of us do. As we enter the New Year, it’s time to defeat that instinct and steal our passwords. This is why (most) passwords are so bad

We have already learned that most of us make Pretty terrible password Most of these passwords take a whopping a second for a hacker to crack. It was 2021 and tens of millions of people are still pulling out classics such as “qwerty”, “password” and “123456789”. It is enough to have some tech companies consider removing their passwords altogether. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends “We strive to make things easier for ourselves. We often rely on known personal words and phrases,” Microsoft said. Vas Jakar Explained in Blog post Promote a future without passwords. “One recent survey found that 15% of people use their pet’s name to inspire their passwords. Other common answers include family names and birthdays. It included important dates. Also, 1 in 10 allowed password reuse between sites, and 40%, like Fall2021, eventually become Winter2021 or Spring2022. “Weak passwords are the entry point for most attacks across corporate and consumer accounts. There are a whopping 579 password attacks per second — that’s 18 billion each year,” said Jakkal. . “ Password alternative

Microsoft’s solution is simple. Avoid using passwords if necessary and adopt alternative authentication methods such as authentication apps. This is the first step towards a future where Apple and Google also have no password. There is still debate to be held to strengthen passwords.Indeed, you Safer Absolutely, you don’t have a password and you can’t completely switch to an authentication app or security key, but not all services you use offer that option. Working on password games is one of the best things you can do to increase security. right now. How to audit passwords

Fortunately, password auditing is very easy for anyone who stores their passwords in a browser or phone operating system. Earlier this year, I used Google’s built-in Chrome inspection to audit all passwords. People who have a lot of passwords take about an hour and are very easy to use. Repeated passwords are warned, easily guessed passwords are on the front line, and hacked passwords are highlighted. At Google, you can often (but not all) click directly into the password change workflow for affected sites. Apple offers the same with the latest version of iOS’s iCloud Keychain. Mac OS .. Use password manager

The best way to create a new password is to stick to the annoying but complex auto-generated password. Nowadays you can do that in a browser, but sometimes a dedicated extension is better for […]

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