TikTok trends continue to drop month in, month out, with the famous “For You” page’s ability to turn a video viral overnight. Various products that have trended on the app this year have seen an average 85.3% month-on-month sales increase on Amazon alone. With users opening TikTok an average of 13 times a day and 15% of worldwide beauty brands having an official account on the app, it’s well worth keeping up with the latest hacks and obsessions presented by beauty fans. Here’s this month’s trends, specially selected by BeautyMatter. Half-Faced Sheet Masks:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the majority of us have had to deal with maskne at one point or another. Caused by the buildup of trapped hot air between mask fabric and the face, maskne is the name given to PPE-related breakouts. With no clear end in sight for the phasing out of mask-wearing, skincare experts have taken matters into their own hands, creating maskne-targeted products, and TikTok users are loving it.

The most popular product surfacing TikTok is Masque Bar’s Soothe and Shield PPE Facial Hydrogel Mask. The sheet mask is half the size of the face, fits across the nose, and finishes under the chin – the perfect size to be hidden by a face mask. Containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and calendula, the mask provides a calming sensation to the skin, as well as a deep rehydration.

User Alexa Johnson, aka @glowopedia, took to TikTok to share her in-flight maskne-fighting skincare regime. Keeping the Soothe and Shield mask on for 45 minutes of the flight, Johnson encouraged her followers to undergo the same process when traveling, claiming the treatment “saved her skin.” Her TikTok video now has over 173.4K likes, with several other users jumping on the trend, testing out various maskne products. Purple Blush:

Step aside rosy red cheeks—the people of TikTok have spoken, and it’s time for purple blush to have its moment. When beauty content creator Sean Anthony (@seananthonyv) posted a video of himself trying out Clinique’s Blush Pop in purple simply because he “loves to try everything purple,” the internet didn’t seem to know what was coming. After Anthony was originally disappointed that the shade didn’t show very clearly on his skin, his followers directed him to product offerings that pop in the perfect shade of purple.

Since then, various users have tested multiple purple blushes, and the viral moment has become a trend that will unquestionably filter into the everyday makeup routine. From Fenty Beauty’s Drama Cla$$, to Rare Beauty’s Faith, Nude Stix Moody Blue, and Amazon’s choice : Revolution’s Violet Love, purple blush is in abundance across the app, with color experts even having their say on the new craze.

Color theorist @color.nerd received over one million views on his video explaining how purple blush complements each skin type and will appear in a different shade based on the wearer’s skin undertone color. Rarely showing up as a bold purple, the product blends into the skin to create a strong […]

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