Tax extension deadline October 15: Precautions if you have not yet filed your tax return for 2020

Applying for an extension gives taxpayers extra time, but there are some consequences to note. Sarah Tew / CNET
This year’s tax payment date has been extended to May 17, but millions of taxpayers had to rush to file their tax returns in 2020. Many have chosen to apply for extensions to collect records, get expert advice, and avoid potential mistakes. However, the tax extension period is now less than a month.

Also, if you miss the submission date of October 15, you may incur late fees and more interest.Remember that extensions don’t postpone what they need to do payment The tax you owe, it only gives you extra time to submit your return. IRS still offers some Electronic filing options Includes free personal files with income of $ 72,000.

Tax refunds, stimulating checks, if you have not yet filed your tax return for 2020, Child tax credit payment. If it takes too long to submit and request a refund, the IRS says it risks losing it altogether. Here’s how to find out if the deadline applies to you, who will have more time to submit, and what happens if you miss the October deadline.Method is as follows Track IRS tax refund And what to know about 2020 unemployment allowance refund .. How do I know if a tax extension applies?

If you submit, the IRS will allow you to extend your submission Form 4868 (PDF) By the submission deadline of May 17, in electronic files using paper or electronic files.Must be paid using all or part of the estimated income tax Direct payment , NS Electronic federal tax payment system , Or debit or credit card , And note that I was applying for an extension.

Some taxpayers are automatically given more filing time.This includes military personnel serving in the combat zone or those declared by the federal government. Disaster area .. Can I file my tax return for 2020 electronically?

According to the IRS, taxpayers can submit and schedule federal tax payments online, by phone, or using the mobile IRS2Go app.

If you need to find a tax software service to use and are making less than $ 72,000 IRS-approved free filing service simply. You need to collect the following information: Income statement (W2 or 1099). Income adjustment. Your current filing status (single, married, co-filing); and dependency information.If you earn over $ 72,000, you can spend Free file-fillable form ..

If you haven’t paid your taxes yet, the IRS prefers to pay electronically and offers a variety of methods, including: IRS Direct Pay , Directly linked to a check or savings account.Another option is with a mobile credit card IRS2Go app , Or through Electronic federal tax payment system .. Your tax question answered in 3 minutes

3:26 Did submitting an extension postpone the money I owe to the IRS?

No. The extension of the submission deadline to October did not delay me when I had to pay the taxes I had to pay. According to the IRS, at least […]

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