Tech Resolutions 2022: How to upgrade your year with life-boosting technologies

New Year’s resolutions are often dismissed as vague, overly ambitious delusions destined to eventually fail. But what is the solution, including technology? Well, they’re a different story.

Whether you’re planning to move away from the couch for a new fitness goal or build the ultimate Hi-Fi setup, the new series (Sunday December 26th to Sunday January 2nd) will show you how to fly around the wastelands of January. to introduce. Use a technology-based hoverboard. Why connect your determination to technology? There are several reasons. First, the general strategy for building new habits is called “temptation bundling.” In short, linking what you like (gadgets) to what you are less enthusiastic about (your resolution) is generally more sustainable in the long run. We also love to blame inanimate failures and shortcomings. But while Apple Watches, Chromebooks, and air fryer can all be a starting point for better habits (as we’ll see in this series), New Year’s aspirations don’t have to be about self-improvement. Senior Computing Editor Matt Hanson makes a compelling claim to his commitment to further increasing PC gaming in 2022, especially after most of us spent a year. It’s also a good time for technology-based self-care. That’s why the guide will show you how to use technologies like Nintendo’s Ring Fit, Ergonomic Keyboard, and Pikmin Bloom to reach your traditional goals, but the team’s goal for 2022 is a more self-satisfying solution. I will also explain the measures. Invest in LG OLED TV or get hooked on VR. Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s aspirations or not, bookmark this page to find plans to use the technology better in 2022. You may come up with ideas on how to use new Christmas gifts. Technical Resolution 2022:

(Image credit: Asus) Whether you just unpacked a new Chromebook for Christmas or want to know how to master an existing Chrome OS laptop, the guide will show you how to harness that talent to achieve “power user” status. increase. From couch to 5K equivalent computing, we’ll show you how to adopt the Chrome OS launcher, get the most out of tablet mode, and more. You can set the productivity PB immediately. (Image credit: Future) Forget the Health Kick – It’s your home music setup that needs to hit the gym in 2022. Not sure where to start? Our detailed guide is here to assist you in planning your Hi-Fi system, from source selection to amplification and speakers. This New Year’s project doesn’t cost thousands of dollars either. Learn how to fold your existing kit into a delicious audio sponge cake and wrap it up with the best cables, stands and wireless accessories. coming soon…

We’ll be releasing new features every day from December 26th (Sun) to January 2nd (Sun), so I’m looking forward to next week in turn. How to use an air fryer to kick off the January takeaway obsession

Why Use Nintendo Ring Fit to Achieve New Year’s Aspirations

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