The #1 Worst Breakfast to Eat After 50, Says Dietitian

Although hitting 50 certainly has its perks (you couldn’t pay me to be in my teens again!), there are certainly chronic health conditions that start to creep up. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) , 78 percent of men and women ages 55 and up have at least one chronic condition, 47 percent have at least 2 or more chronic conditions, and 19 percent have at least 3 or more chronic conditions. These conditions include type 2 diabetes , cardiovascular disease , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, cancer, and arthritis.

Food certainly plays a role in helping to prevent many of these chronic conditions, specifically type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, so it’s very important that when choosing foods for any meal, including breakfast , there are some choices that should just be skipped to protect your overall health. One breakfast, in particular, is one that you should avoid after 50: fried chicken and waffles. Let us explain why. The #1 breakfast to skip after 50 is fried chicken and waffles.

chicken and waffles with gravy Fried chicken and waffles topped with gravy is the worst breakfast to have after 50.

Sometimes when you put two delicious, decadent foods together it can create a dish with an overwhelming amount of calories and also racks up lots of saturated fat, and sodium.

This dish, when traditionally made, can be at least 1,000 calories. The chicken is fried, served over a very large waffle , and topped with butter and whole milk adding more saturated fat and sodium. I certainly recommend avoiding it as a regular part of your eating plan, especially if you have one or more of the chronic conditions people over 50 are at high risk of. Certain foods, like those high in saturated fat, can increase your risk of chronic disease after 50.

The reason why I think a breakfast of chicken and waffles is so unhealthy for those over 50 is that this meal breaks three pieces of dietary advice that are meant to protect you from developing age-related chronic disease. That’s because fried chicken, waffles, and gravy are (1) high in saturated fat from being deep-fried and covered in a butter-based gravy, (2) contain high levels of added sugar from pancake syrup, and (3) are high in sodium .

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