The best and worst technical moments of 2021

Opinion: Another year is over, and in retrospect, there are the best (and worst) technical moments of 2021 in the line of last winners and losers of the year.

2021 was another year that was mostly driven to get stuck indoors, but nevertheless the tech world didn’t stop dropping some key headlines to get our attention.from iPhone 13 Impressive Galaxy Z Flip 3 There was no incredible tech shortage this year (unless you consider the ongoing chip shortage), and it only takes into account mobile space.

As you can imagine, narrowing this list down to six entries took a lot of time and a lot of discussion, but I feel that these moments best encapsulate all of the 2021 technical disciplines. I am. The best moment of 2021

Pixel 6

Starting from a more comfortable moment of the year, 2021 has had a lot of new phones to get excited about, especially with the breakthroughs in foldable technology, but 2021 is arguably the year of Pixel, especially its major competitor. was.

It took a long time to make Google’s own branded smartphone feel like a necessity, and I often went back to the drawing board, Pixel 6 , All that effort has finally paid off. With the debut of Android 12 and the new “Material You” overlay, the Pixel 6 has made Apple spend that money. That was before I even mentioned the camera setup for this.

The old 12MP main sensor is gone and replaced by a more robust 50MP sensor. It works very well with Google’s math and produces the best smartphone shots I’ve ever seen. Returning to MacBook Pro Forms

Apple’s MacBook series has already been on the rise since the company’s M1 chipset hit the market, but this year we can finally see the true potential of Apple Silicon in the revised MacBook Pro series. It was a year.

Place the enhanced M1 Max chip under the hood, 2021 MacBook Pro It’s up to 2.9 times faster than the previous iteration, allowing you to perform a day’s worth of work before you need to refill it again. All of these features are great, but the real star of the show is the port back from the old MacBook.

Creators can now take advantage of full SD card slots and full-fledged HDMI output for presentations. This effectively gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the dongle, which has been a necessity since Apple first abolished these ports. .. Simply put, the MacBook is back and better than ever. Right to repair

In a world of increasing environmental concern from e-waste and mobile phone upgrades each year, the right to repair the movement allows users to service their technology without going through the complex channels set by the manufacturer. The purpose is to be able to provide. And in 2021, the movement was really boosted.

New legislation passed in the UK and EU requires certain manufacturers to have spare parts available for their products and to make the repair and replacement process […]

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