The best wearable devices for seniors and grandparents

We may receive commission from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. Wearable tech is smarter, sleeker and easier to use than ever. (Photo: Amazon) At first it might not seem like a fit — wearable tech and seniors — but the truth is, it’s a perfect match. The best wearable devices make life easier and safer. They monitor vital stats, render communication effortless and save on trips up and down the stairs (just think how easy it is to shut down your house for the night, thanks to voice commands).

From smart sunglasses and virtual reality units to smartwatches and fitness trackers, modern gadgets are becoming friendlier all the time— and better at improving the lives of older adults. They can keep track of essential belongings, make it simple to go cashless and so much more. That’s why wearable tech can make a great holiday gift for the grandparents on your list. The place to start is with a fitness-tracking smartwatch. Here are three winners — plus a "wearable" that keeps track of objects, a pair of smart glasses and earbuds designed to give you a better night’s rest. This sleek smartwatch also has a fall detection feature. (Photo: Amazon) This popular smartwatch is known to be ideal for iPhone users because of how easy it is to sync and use. At $270, the Apple Watch SE is nicely priced and offers every conceivable feature, including a heart rate monitor and voice assistant. It can be used to take calls and reply to texts. It can track workouts and sleep, play music and pay at checkout with Apple Pay. One big benefit for seniors: The Apple Watch SE has a fall detection feature that automatically contacts emergency services.

One reviewer says, “Set up was easy peasy, and I love the additional functions on this watch. I can control Audible from my watch…I can check the time and weather across the globe from my wrist, I can check emails and texts at a glance…and I can record voice memos on the go! I love it!” Best smartwatch for those with an Android phone: the Samsung Galaxy Watch

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