The creators of “Mystery” explain why Jinx and Vi are the stars of the Netflix series

It was always Jinx and Vi. They are sisters at the heart of Riot Games’ hit Netflix series. Mystery , Selected as a spotlight from more than 150 lineups League of Legends champion.

for Mystery Creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee, the star couldn’t really be anyone else League of Legends Tradition. Not especially Teemo. Linke and Yee have been preparing Jinx and Vi for the last nine years to star in mature mainstream anime TV series, even if they haven’t known it for a long time. Vi debuted in December 2012 and became the first League of Legends A champion who receives a login screen with an original lyrical song. A year later, Jinx joined the game and starred in the first character-driven cinematic, high-energy music video. Get Jinxed .. Linke and Yee worked on both of these releases and were creative with music and storyboards. These are two aspects that haven’t received much attention in the core game development process.

Jinx Cinematic was also the first to partner with Riot’s back studio, Fortiche Productions. Mystery Different world animation style.

“They have already received our special treatment because we really like it,” Linke told Engadget. “So what character do we want to stick to for years to come when we had to think? I think it was pretty obvious.”

Yee agreed, “I think both were a bit of a milestone for our time at Riot.” In-game, Jinx and Vi are sisters and bitter enemies, but this story fades into the background of the action and only appears in small voice lines and character descriptions.As an online MOBA, the story is not important to the method League of Legends As you play, Riot has spent many years infusing champions with a lot of knowledge and focusing on expanding their universe beyond the Game Launcher.

Today, Riot is a hub for creative development across multiple media, including short stories, graphic novels, movies, music videos, and one really great K-pop group. Mystery Is the biggest push to the studio’s mainstream service, and Jinx and Vi carry the story surrounded by a few other champions, including Caitlin, Jace, Victor, and other original characters.

Jinx and Vi have always been intrigued by Linke and Yee. They were grounded in the way that the more fantastic champions of the game weren’t, and their clear and conflicting personalities and unexplained competition clearly cut both sisters into the core. Vi was a strong and solid executor working in the thriving city of Piltover, and Jinx was an anarchist with a bomb-filled, unfiltered belt. Vi’s hair is short and pink, while Jinx’s hair is long and light blue.

“Imagine having these two characters together in a scene, whatever the location or the content of the discussion, you can imagine what kind of food you eat in the evening and what kind of movie you watch.” Said Linke. “They always have these very different perspectives, so it will always be fun.” The creators of “Mystery” explain why Jinx and Vi are the stars of the […]

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