The perfect free book to read on your Kindle and Apple Books right now

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Cheap books are great and both Amazon Kindle Store When Apple books It has excellent read stable rotation for less than $ 10. But do you know what is better than cheap books? Yes, freedom Book. Thanks to the magic of the public domain, there are many books that can be read exactly for $ 0 on both Amazon and Apple reading services.

Apple Books is a real star here as it has an extensive “Books to Read” list with lots of books to download for free. Many of these are also free on Amazon, but some cost a few dollars (or cents). If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, there are many more books to read “for free”.

These platforms have a large and wide world of cheap and inexpensive books, but here are 15 classics to get you started. Peter Pan (JM Barrie)

This is for parents looking for something to get their kids to read, or Disney lovers who want to read a play that influenced a novel that influenced the 1953 classics. Published as Peter and Wendy, Peter Pan is the story of Neverland, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the malicious Captain Hook. But a worthy disclaimer: it’s very … containing a 1904 Native American portrayal. Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

Like most classics, you may have suffered through Frankenstein during a high school English class. We were all there. Anyone can erase a book just by breaking it apart at school, but Frankenstein has always been an exception to me. Frankenstein is not only considered the first science fiction novel, but also a timeless parable, one of the best examples of Gothic literature, and a true product of the Romantic movement.

Even if that doesn’t sell, you can still laugh at Victor Frankenstein whining as he reaps what he sows.

Download Frankenstein Free on Amazon Kindle Also Free with Apple Books .. Penguin
Dracula (Bram Stoker)

Another for the Goths! If you’re a fan of our undead friends, it’s worth experiencing one of the books that started it all. The story is great for people after a good, suspenseful Gothic horror. It’s easy to think of Dracula as another hard-to-read classic, but it couldn’t be far from the truth. Writing is very well-held (after more than 100 years, it’s a pretty feat), and in part it’s really creepy. Republic (Plato)

Greek philosophers continue to ponder all these centuries. This means that it is unlikely that it will soon become obsolete. Plato is arguably the most famous Greek philosopher, next to Socrates and Aristotle, and the Republic is his most famous work. The most striking thing about many (though not all, thankfully) writings of ancient Greek is how relevant they are today.

Reading ancient Greek literature also helps to sound more exaggerated at parties. This is great. Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka)

There are a lot of long reads in this list, so here’s a short one. The metamorphosis has been the subject of rigorous psychological scrutiny and interpretation for 116 years […]

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