The White House extends contractor vaccine deadlines

Eligible employers with federal agencies have an additional month to vaccinate their employees. President Joe Biden’s Vaccination Obligation , The White House announced Thursday.

The announcement will be accompanied by new regulations from the Occupational Health and Safety Department and the Medicare and Medicaid Service Center on vaccination of more than 100 employers and healthcare workers participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

“And third, adjust the deadline for previously announced requirements for federal contractor employees to be fully vaccinated under these new OSHA and CMS regulations to facilitate compliance for businesses and workers. This single consistent deadline for all three requirements is January 4, 2022, “a senior government official told reporters on a late November 3 phone call.

According to the person, the contractor’s employees must receive the final vaccine dose by that date. Otherwise, you will be penalized.

Initially the contractor Employees had to be vaccinated by December 8th According to Biden’s executive order.

“We’re adjusting this to make it really easy, so we wanted to do this, to make it as easy as possible for companies to implement these requirements and for workers to comply.” Officials said.

“But there’s no reason to wait. And … we know that many employers aren’t waiting. And we want employers and workers to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Because it’s clearly our way out of this pandemic. “

According to guidance issued by the Safer Federal Labor Task Force, contractors need to determine the best enforcement strategy for employees who refuse to be vaccinated by the deadline, Planned penalties for federal officials ..

The agency also reserves the right to deny unvaccinated contract employees access to the federal workplace.

Contractors who deliberately refuse to comply with the requirements may face “significant measures” by the contracting agent, such as termination of the contract, but contractors who are struggling to comply in good faith. , You can get cooperation support from the contract officer of the agency.

Jessie Bur describes the federal workforce and the changes most likely to affect civil servants. The White House extends contractor vaccine deadlines

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