The XPG Vault mouse concept can store your entire PC game library

Imagine you can carry your whole (OK, part) with you PC games A mouse-shaped library used to yell at online enemies like government mules?

that is CES 2022 Marketing from accessory maker XPG, which just announced a new gaming mouse with 1TB of storage.

The concept XPG Vault mouse, which connects to a device of your choice via a USB-C cable, has an SSD that puts your “game library in the palm of your hand.” The current prototype provides 1TB of storage running at 985MB / sec (probably enough for some AAA games including all fixes).

and Press release (via Engadget There is also a reference to the Game Launcher software, which “makes the game library convenient and portable, and promises a higher level of game integration with the XPG Prime Software Ecosystem.”

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Nothing has been announced about whether or when the mouse will go into production, but it’s an interesting suggestion given the modern trend towards portability. Of course, gamers need to connect to a PC that can run these games to the right standards, but it can be a great option for anyone who likes to play away from the command center.

Mice with storage have been around for some time, but in most cases they have been deployed to retain gamer-favorite macro settings for gaming sessions on different PCs without reprogramming.

This concept takes things to another level, so it would be interesting to see if the reception at CES2022 is scheduled to start next week. A series of cancellations From major players such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Intel – we see this as a short sequence from concept to reality.

Would you like the ability to carry your game library to peripherals? Or are you happy to see the development of cloud computing that allows you to access your libraries from anywhere? Please let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter. The XPG Vault mouse concept can store your entire PC game library

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