Three Cycling Rules to Keep Everyone Safe on the Road

There’s nothing better than riding a bike and making it feel like a kid again. But cycling on the road can be anxious even for veteran cyclists, along with huge chunks of steel and glass moving at many times your speed.Needless to say, a new herd of cyclists It’s been on the streets since the pandemic began ..

Fortunately, when installing a pedaled steed, there is an easy way to protect yourself and prevent dangerous interactions with other vehicles on the road.

According to the data from US Department of Transportation Most of these accidents involved men and occurred in the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm. This coincides with peak traffic times and poor visibility. Females are still a minority among cyclists, Studies show that they tend to emphasize safety Look for a dedicated bike lane more often than a man’s bike lane. This can prevent them from injuring life or limbs.

The situation may have improved slightly these days, but long-term statistics show a more dire situation. The death toll of cyclists over the age of 20 has tripled since 1975 ..This is a surprising increase, but some Many people ride bicycles On the road these days.

With the surge in statistics, the importance of riding safely is the same, especially for new cyclists and those who haven’t scraped the wheels for a while. Follow the rules of the road

First of all: Bicycles are vehicles, so they are on the street, not on the sidewalk.This requires the rider to follow Same road rules as cars No matter where you are in America. Yes, that means stopping at a stop sign and a red light, signaling a change of direction, and getting on the right side of the road in the flow of traffic. You should be familiar with cycling, as the laws vary from state to state. Your specific rule ..

If you plan to ride at dawn or dusk in the dark, your bike should also be equipped with lights.For traditional setup White light in front, red light in back ..But beyond the law, if you want more visibility (and safety) in the dark, battery-powered or Rechargeable light also Reflective strip On the frame or wheel of your bike Reflective clothing also Backpack ..

When it comes to sidewalking, most cities in the United States don’t specifically ban it, but they often discourage it. And, contrary to what you might think, riding on the sidewalk is not a safer option, as cyclists should always give way to pedestrians. But perhaps the most important The car doesn’t pay much attention to what’s on the sidewalk Therefore, if you are crossing a road or driveway while riding on the sidewalk, the driver may not see you. Therefore, skip the sidewalk altogether unless you have no other choice.

For alcohol, the same rules apply as if you were driving. Please do not drink or ride. To get started, Illegal in some states However, it can be fatal even if the law does not specifically […]

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