TikTok’s sex education video is not “misunderstanding screening”

San Francisco, December 26 : Researchers say the sex education videos on the short video-making app TikTok haven’t been screened for false information and haven’t given teens and adolescents a proper understanding of delicate subjects.

Some gynecologists, gynecologists, and other medical professionals are actively involved in TikTok as a popular content creator, providing science-based content and answering questions from other users. However, the amount of content available on TikTok continues to grow, making it impractical to respond to all false information. ..

“There is no guarantee that users will encounter these modified videos,” wrote research authors at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Houston in the United States. To better understand this, the team conducted a content analysis of 100 video themes focused on sex education at TikTok. The report says TikTok will abdicate Google to become the most popular website.

Stephanie Moline of the Bloomberg School of Bloomberg School at Johns Hopkins University said, “We have found that female anatomy is the most frequently covered topic. Sexual pleasure is the second most common theme and its Among them, the discussion of female orgasm and awakening constituted the most common sub-theme. ” public health. Other common themes include contraception and sexual health.

“Our findings suggest some areas where traditional sex education approaches may not meet adolescent information needs,” said Leah Fowler of the University of Houston. ..

Researchers examined the accuracy of the facts of sex education at TikTok, “How exposure to this content helps adolescents understand the risks and benefits of sexual norms based on sexual intercourse, sexual activity, age and gender. We conclude with recommendations for future research to determine what affects and other health behaviors. ”TikTok has recently surpassed 1 billion monthly users worldwide.

It also surpassed technology giant Google as the most popular website of the year. Viral video apps have won more hits than US-based search engines, according to a report from IT security firm Cloudflare.

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