Top Penny Stocks Trends For 2022

3 Trends For Penny Stocks Investors to Watch In 2022

With a new year on the horizon for trading penny stocks, many investors are working on their trading strategies for the future. And to have the best chance at making money with penny stocks , investors need to have a complete understanding of what’s going on in the stock market in the present and the future.

Right now, we are witnessing one of the most volatile stock markets that we have seen in history. This is the result of the pandemic, a new generation of investors in both penny stocks and blue chips , and other external factors. And, now, the stock market is incredibly volatile, and we tend to see significant moves frequently. Despite this, we’ve also continued to see the Dow and S&P 500 hit record highs. So before going any further, investors need to fully understand their unique tolerance for risk.

This means looking internally and knowing whether you’re interested in riskier and more volatile stocks or those that will present with greater stability. Regardless, using this alongside a consistent and well-thought-out trading strategy will be a major benefit to you. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at three trends that penny stocks investors should know about and three penny stocks to watch. 3 Trends That Penny Stocks Investors Should Know And 3 Penny Stocks to Watch

> Meme Penny Stocks

Omicron Variant Trends

What To Watch With Penny Stocks in 2022

3 Penny Stocks to Watch

Meme Penny Stocks

Throughout 2021, many investors have seen the phenomenon of meme stocks play a prominent role in how both blue chips and penny stocks trade.

What Are Meme Stocks?

Meme stocks are stocks that have become popular as a result of viral online attention . Rather than fundamentals, these stocks tend to trade directly with the amount that they are discussed online. And as a result, we have seen double or even triple-digit percentage gains in only a short time frame.

This includes stocks such as AMC stock, GME stock, and more. The primary catalyst for these started as the subreddit, WallStreetBets, with over 10 million readers. As certain stocks gained traction in the community, investors decided to put money in, vastly increasing the price. In addition, social sentiment outside of Reddit is a great way to gauge the popularity of a stock and how it may trade moving forward. And although fundamentals are not as pertinent here, they should still be considered when making a choice.Keep in mind that meme stocks and meme penny stocks, in particular, are highly volatile. This means that investors should consider how risky they want their portfolio to be before putting any money in. With that in mind, do you think that meme stocks are worth adding to your list of penny stocks to watch ? Omicron Variant Trends If you’ve invested in penny stocks or blue chips over the past month or so, […]

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