Try passing this lossless audio test before paying for hi-fi streaming music

Earlier this year, Spotify announcement A “HiFi” upgrade layer for streaming services that provide lossless audio, it’s promising music with no compression artifacts.but Not yet available Near the end of 2021, Spotify HiFi will be with “CD quality” audio We aim to keep audiophiles away from other lossless streaming competitions like Tidal and Deezer — And recently Apple Music and Amazon Music ..

But even if you think you’re an audiophile, you won’t have to pay extra for lossless music. At least not to make your music better.

Most music streaming services somehow compress the audio to minimize data usage, and in most cases some information will be lost.three that is It’s a lossless way to compress music, but usually the file size can’t be as small as a good lossy compression.

So it’s no wonder that most services turn to lossy compression. After all, the vast majority of listeners do not have the auditory ability to distinguish between lossless audio and compressed music of sufficiently high quality.

Spotify Premium (the existing $ 9.99 ad-free tier) is already streaming at up to 320 kbps (256 kbps on the web). I enabled this in the app settings .. At low bitrates, the difference between lossless audio and lossless audio is very obvious, but most people wouldn’t be able to distinguish between lossless and 256 kbps MP3 files. Not to mention files compressed with the latest Ogg codecs. Used by Spotify.

Our hearings are subject to many placebos. Simply believing that a particular upgrade or key specification will improve the sound of your speakers or headphones is more likely to result in an “improvement” than the actual change. Still, many Kimi Mifukin will swear that they can hear the difference without evidence.

So why not actually test your hearing before you put out your wallet for a higher quality audio promise? Test your hearing

There are many blind tests that can help you compare lossless audio to “lossy” audio formats, but I Digital feed ABX test Initially, it was created to test whether listeners can understand the difference between Tidal’s lossless audio and Rossy compressed music.

The link above is the same as comparing Spotify’s premium tier and HiFi tier, as it compares Spotify’s 320 kbps streaming with lossless files. In this test, the goal is Match one of the two clips (A or B) to the reference clip (X). They are randomized and I don’t know which clips are lossless. You need to choose whether A or B is the same as X.

There are 5 tracks, and each track needs to complete 5, 10, or 20 trials, depending on the time it needs to be killed. The higher the number of trials, the more statistically significant the results. Switching tracks that stick to small differences can take a considerable amount of time to test, so it’s a good idea to start with 5 iterations.

If you’re like most audiophiles-not to mention most ordinary people-you probably won’t hear the difference. I took a test with $ 400 headphones and […]

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