Ultra-white paint can reduce the need for air conditioning

White houses are often boring, but they may only save the planet. NS USA Today Report , Purdue University researchers Developed Ultra-white paint that reflects 98.1% of solar radiation while outputting infrared heat (just set Guinness World Records). This makes the surface cooler than the environment (normal paint warms the surface) and can effectively replace the air conditioner in some cases. It produces a cooling capacity of 10kW in 1,000 square meters. More than a foot roof, or an AC unit in a typical home.

There are existing paints that are made to reflect heat, but they reflect only 90% of the sun and do not cool the surface. The team didn’t have much room to breathe — more white paint could have jeopardized it.

The secret was to use barium sulphate, a compound commonly found in cosmetics and photo paper, in high proportions at various particle sizes. A wide range of sizes helps to scatter more light spectrum and reflect more sunlight.

It’s not clear how close this very white paint is Your local store However, researchers are completely devoted to commercializing their work. They have worked with the company to mass produce and sell paints and have already applied for patents. However, when responding to a request, Fighting climate change .. This may reduce or eliminate the need for air conditioning in some homes, especially in warmer areas with plenty of sunlight. This reduces emissions and power consumption and may save some money on hot summer days.

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