Ultrasonic Flowmeter Optimal for Ultrapure Water Applications-Engineering Update

Clean bore flow measurement devices such as Titan Enterprises, designed primarily for ultrapure water dispensing applications that require a high degree of cleanliness. Metraflow® Ultrasonic Flowmeter , Provides the ideal solution.

Ultrapure water (water refined to very stringent specifications) is an important ingredient for the industry as a whole specialty market where impurities can cause product contamination and affect process efficiency.

Ultrapure water (UPW) systems are typically used in the production and cleaning processes of the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and power industries and require the selection of technology and equipment to maintain the purity of the material. It is important that the flow measuring devices used in the UPW system are constructed of ultra-high purity materials that can handle low flow rates and do not contaminate the liquid being measured. Maintaining hygienic, sterile and hygienic conditions within these processes is important.

Manufacturers of semiconductor and microelectronic devices use UPW as a circuit board manufacturing and cleaning / etching agent. Maintaining the purity of the process fluid is essential because contaminants and particles can adhere to the circuit and cause microchip failure.

In the power industry, UPWs are typically used to generate steam to drive turbine combustors and as a source for steaming boilers. The higher the boiler pressure, the higher the purity of the required water.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities use UPW as a cleaning agent, a diluent for multiple doses, and as an ingredient in products. Endotoxin, microbial, and virus-free water is essential for these applications and other applications such as inhalation therapy products, internal irrigation therapy products, and bulk preparation of medicines.

Water purity also plays an important role in production in the food and beverage industry, and some beverages, such as beer, require a specific mineral composition in the water used.

NS Metraflow® Using Titan’s patented ultrasonic flight time technology, it accurately measures liquids that pass through a single clear, clean bore measurement flow tube composed of high-performance perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA) polymers. increase.

Neil Hannay, Senior R & D Engineer at Titan Enterprises, said: PFA polymers have been specifically selected as an advanced tube option for Metroflow® due to their excellent inertness, ability to withstand damage from dangerous contaminants, prevention of particle accumulation and ultra-high purity. .. “

Titan’s Metraflow® is designed to accurately monitor process flow at temperatures from 10ºC to 60ºC (140ºF) and pressures up to 27 bar, with no internal moving parts and no penetration. In addition, this non-invasive single-tube ultrasonic flowmeter offers a wide operating flow rate range with +/- 0.5% FSD accuracy and reproducibility over the 20-5000 ml / min flow range.

Neil Hannay said: Measurement of chemical flow. “

For more information on the Metraflow® Ultrasonic Flowmeter, please visit: .. Contact Titan Enterprises (+44 (0) 1935 812790) or email for flow measurement devices optimized for pure liquid dispensing applications. [email protected] .. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Optimal for Ultrapure Water Applications-Engineering Update

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