Video: Growth Trends and Challenges for Travel Startups

The world of travel planning is notorious for being difficult for startups to enter. In addition to doing so in a pandemic, the chances of success, or even survival, are small.

Those situations did not stop the group travel planning app Tripper , A Monaco-based startup, will help the group plan weekend vacations in Europe with the release of its products in June of this year.

“If you’re a team of very enthusiastic people, you don’t want to give up the first signs of a problem,” said Charlotte Franzellin, Founder and CEO of Trippers. PhocusWire Pulse: Spotlight Startup last month.

“When we first worked on it, we just wanted to see it happen, so we just continued. That’s the resilience of action there.”

As the pandemic goes into full swing, Franzelin says Trippers are curtailing expectations and B2C is focused on getting feedback from users who have their own challenges.

Franzelin also said that her role as CEO was Trippers, from software and sales to partnerships and hiring, why entry into travel technology was the “steepest learning curve” in her career. It also describes how it has influenced all areas of our business. As a place where the app is in the process of raising funds.

See the full interview with Jill Menze from Phocus Wire below. PhocusWire Pulse: Featured Startups-Growth Trends and Challenges for Travel Startups Video: Growth Trends and Challenges for Travel Startups

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