Virus Expert Just Issued This Sober Warning

On the frontlines of the coronavirus , Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, author of the new book Uncontrolled Spread , appeared on Face the Nation yesterday, to offer a warning: we’re still not prepared to fight pandemics. What can you do to stay safe? Read on for five essential points, straight from Goittlieb—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID . Scientist studies the curves of the Covic-19 pandemic and the dna of an infected person, holding a sample vial in a hospital Why did Gottlieb write a book about COVID now? "I think we haven’t done an adequate job really reflecting on everything that went wrong that left us excessively vulnerable to COVID, both the early spread as well as the continued vulnerability," he told the Washington Post . "We haven’t done a good job keeping up with the twists and turns of this virus and the emergence of the delta variant and how much it’s engulfed this nation. Part of the problem is we really haven’t looked at the more systemic shortcomings that left this nation weak in the face of this virus. I think a lot of the initial focus was on all the political failures. And while there was plenty of political mistakes along the way, especially by the Trump administration early in the epidemic, I think a lot of the very corrosive shortcomings were at an agency level, especially at the CDC, where in many cases we had an ill-prepared bureaucracy, and in other cases the institutions that we relied on just weren’t equipped and empowered to execute the kind of response that was needed. The result was that we remain persistently at risk in COVID’s evolution. We remain almost equally vulnerable to threat from the next pandemic. I don’t think we’ve done anything to really think about how do we prevent the next pandemic. And I’m surprised that at a policy level, Congress and others haven’t started to contemplate what kind of steps we need to take that next pandemic. So I try to do that in the book."

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