Visible reviews customer reports of hacking and fraud attempts

After the customer Verizon -Budget mobile operator you own appear Complaining about hacking and fraudulent attempts using social media, the company confirmed that a hacker who obtained credentials from an “external source” committed a security breach against a user.

NS report NS The Verge The mobile operator said it was working on “mitigating the problem,” but did not provide details of the steps it took to do so.Visible customers have recently begun to report fraudulent claims from the company to them. PayPal Credit card statement while others are receiving emails that their account password or address has been changed. Customers were also dissatisfied with the company not sending emails or texts to inform them of the situation. Visible eventually went to Twitter and explained what happened there. director ,say it: “Our research revealed that an attacker could gain access to a username / password from an external source and use that information to log in to a Visible account.” Infringed account

After confirming that some customer accounts were compromised, Visible recommended in a statement and Twitter that users should reset their passwords. Reused them Across multiple accounts. This advice is fairly standard after a security breach, but the mobile operator’s password reset system was not available and users who tried to reset their password received an error message. Visible also recommends that users create a unique password for each online account. this is, Password generator Mostly Password manager We are currently offering this feature as well. Enable two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) Is also recommended. Visible does not support 2FA for authentication, which could expose customers to similar attacks in the future. For Visible customers who are reusing passwords on multiple accounts, the only precautions that can be taken at this time are to prevent the cybercriminals behind this breach from hacking other accounts. Is to change the password. Visible reviews customer reports of hacking and fraud attempts

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