Warm September Trends Continue for Corn Belt

The U.S. Corn Belt trended warmer and drier than normal, for the week-ending September 18th.

According to data from WeatherTrends360, the region ranked the 5th warmest and 4th driest in the last 30 years for this timeframe.

Although the regional trend for the week was drier than normal, showers did fall across portions of the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains.

However, for many, these rainfall totals were less than 1” for the week. The heaviest rains this past week fell along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Nicholas made landfall on Tuesday in Texas as a weak category 1 hurricane. Nicholas downgraded quickly after making landfall and rains from the system hung around the Gulf for much of the week.

According to data from WeatherTrends360, the third full week of September 2021 is forecast to once again bring warmer than normal trends for all, but precipitation trends will be mixed.

More eastern Corn Belt states such as Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and into Illinois are likely to receive above normal precipitation this week while much of the remainder of the Corn Belt trends drier than normal.

Areas of Minnesota, especially northern and central, could also see some overall wetter trends for the week.

Although the weekly trend for temperatures may be above normal, these trends will vary throughout the week. The region is expected to start the week on a much warmer than normal note, but by mid-week, cooler trends push through for a couple days before warmer temperatures return for the weekend.

Warmer trends for much of September are helping the U.S. corn crop reach maturity at a rate that is fairly similar to last year and ahead of the 5-year average pace thus far. Harvest of the mature crop is getting underway and should benefit from the drier trends in the central and western Corn Belt this week.

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