Watch live: Companies to shed new light on latest cloud native trends during AWS Startup Showcase, Jan 26

At the start of 2022, cloud native remains hot, though at times perhaps misunderstood. One measure of its popularity can be found in a report recently issued by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation or CNCF.

The organization, which is the vendor-neutral home for fast-growing open-source projects, such as Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy, found that the number of cloud native developers continues to grow , from 4.7 million in 2020 to 6.8 million today.

“Cloud native is one of those terms that’s becoming more overloaded daily,” said Steve McDowell, senior analyst of data and storage at Moor Insights and Strategy. “It means different things to different people. It’s very contextual. Cloud native is about packaging, managing and running a workload that is sensitive to its environment.”

The latest trends in the cloud native, open-source enterprise computing space will be a central focus for Season 2 Episode 1 of the upcoming AWS Startup Showcase: Open Cloud Innovations , scheduled to air on Jan. 26. Amazon Web Services Inc. and theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s livestreaming studio, will welcome 8 companies within the cloud provider’s ecosystem and discuss how cloud native trends are impacting AWS partners.

TheCUBE’s coverage of the event begins at 10 a.m. PT and will feature a keynote with AWS Vice President Deepak Singh , a separate panel of participants in the AWS Heroes program , plus interviews with startup founders and venture capitalists. (* Disclosure below.) Tools for cost transparency

An example of enterprise interest in cloud native and workload management can be seen in the mission of Kubecost Inc. to provide cost monitoring and capacity control across Kubernetes clusters. Metrics for determining the workload cost include calculating time in running state, and identifying the price of resources consumed.

CNCF has found that 68% of respondents in a 2021 survey experienced a rise in Kubernetes costs over the past year. Cost transparency will be a factor in the expanding cloud native world.

“The way we work is, you deploy our product in your environment anywhere you’re running Kubernetes 1.11 or above, we will run and we’re going to start dynamically generating these insights in minutes,” said Webb Brown , chief executive of Kubecost, one of the startups participating in theCUBE’s AWS event in January, during an interview with SiliconANGLE. “And they’re real time … they scale to the largest Kubernetes clusters in the world.” Need for security

As enterprises turn toward a hybrid or multcloud model for IT, the opportunity has also expanded for cloud native security platforms to provide the visibility and control necessary to protect critical infrastructure.

Security often starts at the developer level, and Snyk Inc. , one of the participating companies in January’s event, has integrated its Security Intelligence function into Amazon Inspector, an automated security assessment service. The goal is to empower both the developer and security teams with the right insight to build more secure applications.

“We are a little bit different than some companies where they kind of follow decisions from headquarters. For us, we follow developers,” according to Peter McKay , […]

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