WhatsApp doubles the business search of the app itself

With great momentum for e-commerce and business WhatsApp Is developing a feature that allows users to search for nearby shops and services within the app. This feature will help messaging platforms impact one area (business and commerce segment) that has not made much progress when it becomes completely mainstream.

And according to a team you can trust so far WABetainfo , WhatsApp made nifty available Business directory To a user in Sao Paulo a few months ago. And a new search option for nearby stores is that extension. “When you search for something in WhatsApp, you’ll see a new section called” Nearby Businesses. ” When you select a category, the results for your business account are filtered based on your selection. ” According to the report .. Companies will be happy with the estimation feature as it will be easier to see directly from within WhatsApp. Business directory may come first

New business near search options in WA. (Image credit: WABetainfo) Therefore, you can basically search for hotels, restaurants, groceries, clothing, etc. immediately without leaving the app. This handy tool is available to both iOS and Android users. This feature is available to some users in São Paulo, but not all users yet. However, WhatsApp may first deploy the aforementioned business directory functionality and then follow up with a search tool. But it’s worth the wait. Once users can search for nearby products and services, it’s only a matter of time before they can order the same. It’s clear that WhatsApp people are doubling the business and commerce segments for the future growth of the platform. WhatsApp recently introduced a page redesigned for business information. WhatsApp also plans to redesign the contact information page in that it has search shortcuts. The possibilities for in-app shopping are expanding across apps on social media platforms. WhatsApp is a product catalog Shopping cart options For use by businesses. Meta has announced new shopping and discovery tools, including: WhatsApp shop .. WhatsApp doubles the business search of the app itself

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